Marvel drama Falcon and the Winter Soldier turned on, the set picture was exposed

Marvel drama “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” turned on, the set picture was exposed
Sauna Night News November 1, Marvel drama “Falcon and Winter Soldier” announced the start.The show’s creator Malcolm Spellman published an article revealing that “On the first day of the set, Marvel prohibits the distribution of set pictures, but today is a big day for many people, including me.”Picture map.The picture comes from the story of “Avengers 4” in the episode of the network, and became the story of Captain America’s “Falcon” Sam and “Winter Soldier” Bucky, who started a new life.Directed by screenwriters such as Derek Kolstad (“Quick Hunt”), actors Anthony McKay and Sebastian Stan return, “Captain America 3” “Zamo” Daniel Bruch and “Agent 13″”Emily Wankamp will also debut.The show has a total of 6 episodes and will be launched on Disney +, the Disney streaming platform, by August 2020.It is reported that the production cost of the episode is up to 25 million US dollars.In addition, the new dramas controlled by Marvel Films also include “Wanda Vision”, “Rocky” and “Eagle Eye”.Xu Meilin, the editor of Sauna Night, proofreads Wei Zhuo