Global suspension, musicians holding online concerts become a new way to save themselves

Global suspension, musicians holding online concerts become a new way to save themselves
In the “Cancellation and Postponement” list of music performances that are continuously updated every day on the US bulletin board, most of the list from January to February shows still relevant news in Asia.Today, after looking at it for 3 months, many of the stars that are familiar to you, the band ‘s name appears one after another on the “Performance Cancellation” list. The global music performance market, the economic losses caused by the new crown epidemic are currently unpredictable, and local governments have also introducedCorresponding policies and measures are prepared to support many people who are unemployed due to the epidemic.Fortunately, no matter where the music is, it has the function of energy to soothe people’s emotions. At present, musicians who are in isolation at home are turning to online. In the charity projects of antiques of different organizations, live performances are needed.Help people raise money.At the “iHeart” Charity Living Room Concert, which was updated on March 30th, Beijing time, Elton John hosted the event. Mariah Carey, Bi Li, Ka Mei, Meng De and many other singers participated in this online concert.Cancellation: 3 cancellations in mid-March. Cancellation of 60 performances. Global music performances will be cancelled on a large scale starting from early March, March 4th, and originally scheduled for the 22nd Super Music Festival in Miami Antiques on March 20-22Ultra Music Festival) officially announced that it will be postponed, which is the first music festival in the United States to be cancelled due to new coronary pneumonia.Two days later, the American Southern Music Festival (SX?SW) also announced the cancellation of performances, which is the first “absence” in 34 years of this large-scale technology, arts and music event with an average of over 400,000 people gathered.Immediately afterwards, the original Coachella Music Festival notice was postponed on the weekends of October 9th and 16th.At this time, the global music performance market has started an unprecedented “stop performance” chain reaction like dominoes.This includes the tour plans of the major celebrities and singers: On March 13, Beijing time, Avril posted on the social platform that she would cancel the “Head Over Water” European tour, and in early March, she had canceled the original April and May.Asian tour plan.Live Nation and AEG Entertainment Group, the largest concert company and venue operator in North America, also announced that they will suspend all large-scale tours until April. The affected singers include “Bi Li” Billie Ellis, Poz Malone,Chris Stapleton, etc., because March is usually the off-season of the show, the company will re-evaluate the estimate in early April, hoping that the show from May to June will resume.Among the star singers, there are also many performances that are adjusted due to physical embarrassment. For example, Celine Dion has a cold. Although the new coronary pneumonia reagent test is negative, but for the sake of public relations, she also announced the “Courage World Tour” world tour, 14 performances in North America will be postponed from March 24th to April 27th, and those who have purchased tickets can keep the original tickets.In addition to the United States, Europe and other music performances are also synchronized to click on the “Pause button”. Madonna originally scheduled to cancel the “Mrs. X Tour” concert at the Grand Rex Theater in Paris on the 10th and 11th of this month.In terms of music festivals, Glastonbury Music Festival, a veteran outdoor music festival that has been held for 50 years, has also been cancelled. This year is the 50th anniversary of the festival. The performance is almost “luxury”-Paul· McCartney, “Mould” Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, and Lana Dray, “Sister Pa” Dua Lipa, etc. The festival officially announced that tickets can be extendedTo be used next year, but also accept the audience to replace.The impact of performances in Asia was even earlier. As early as February, the Japanese boy idol group Arashi announced that it would cancel its concert in Beijing Bird’s Nest Antiques in April 2020.The BTS also canceled many performances of the antiques scheduled for April in the same month.Sauna and Yeewang found from the continuously updated list of performance cancellations on the US bulletin board that the period from March 10th to 13th was the peak period of “cancellation delay”, and only 60 performances were cancelled and extended during this period, Almost every hour, a performance event is cancelled, and the currently canceled music performance is still being updated.As early as February, the Japanese men’s idol group Arashi announced the cancellation of the concert in Beijing’s Bird’s Nest in April.Loss: Employment opportunities will fall by 69% compared to last year. Therefore, according to data from The Musicians’ Union, British musicians have lost approximately £ 14 million in revenue due to the cancellation of the tour and the extension of the concert due to the new crown pneumonia.The organization was responsible for 35,000 members of the survey, more than 4,000 people responded that their work interference reached 90%, and employment opportunities fell by 69% compared with last year.To support its members, the London-based Musicians Union launched a £ 1 million “New Coronary Pneumonia Difficulties Fund” on March 23 local time, which provided donations to musicians with financial difficulties.The downturn in the live music business can also be reflected in the stock market. As of noon on March 18, Live Nation’s decline was as high as 33%, which has been 33 from the previous day’s closing price.92 dollars fell to 21.With a low of $ 70, this is the first time that Live Nation has been below $ 22 since June 2016.The stock market does not necessarily reflect the value and potential of a company, but in the protracted struggle against the epidemic throughout North America and Europe, gradual changes may affect a company ‘s ability to raise capital or make stock purchases, and it will take years to returnThe previous high.For music practitioners, there is also the “embarrassment” of performance cancellation insurance.It is understood that some of the more influential artists will buy tour cancellation insurance, but this kind of policy is expensive, and the insurance claim rate is about 3% -4%. For example, a one million dollar policy may pay $ 30,000, but althoughAfter purchasing this type of insurance, artists and brokerage companies faced great losses due to the cancellation of performances. At present, almost all insurance companies have clearly stated that they are “not obligated to make related payments.”It is understood that after the occurrence of SARS and the super virus MERS, some insurance companies directly excluded serious epidemics from the scope of claims on their insurance policies, while some companies did not expressly indicate that the latest new coronary pneumonia was not included in the scope of claims.According to this situation, most singers and performance companies have chosen to postpone the performance, because at least the replacement and hope to be able to retain some of the costs previously spent through marketing programs such as “re-sale later”, and canceling the performance means direct debt.Response: Use online concerts to start fundraising to support Troye Hiven, Nair Holland, OneRepublic lead singer Ryan Ted and other singers have started online live concerts.On March 20 local time, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced an economic assistance plan. If someone cannot work due to an outbreak, the government will pay 80% of the salary, up to £ 2500 per month.According to data from UK Music, these measures only apply to hiring employees, not freelancers or self-employed people, and only account for about 72% of the UK music industry, so compensation can become some of the most urgentsound.The US Congress is currently considering a multi-billion dollar emergency assistance plan to mitigate the impact of new coronary pneumonia on the entire economy. The US Academy of Recording is urging members of Congress to consider music performers in the rescue plan.Recording Academy Chairman and Interim CEO Harvey Mason Jr. addressed these practices in detail in a letter sent to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Democracy: “I urge Congress to protect our country ‘s musicians, performers, songwriters and recordingsRoom expert.Mason Jr. explained that these professionals are usually freelancers and independent funerals. They do not have paid vacations or health care benefits, nor are they eligible for unemployment benefits.On March 23 local time, the German Music Rights Management Organization (GEMA) also launched an emergency assistance plan of 40 million euros to help its members respond to economic difficulties during the anti-epidemic period.In addition to macro-financial assistance, musicians show more “mutual assistance”, and many influential singers are providing assistance within their ability to artists in financial difficulties through various means.For example, American singers Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, singer Chiara and her husband Russell Wilson, BTS member SUGA and fans all donated money and anti-epidemic materials in different forms., More musicians have chosen to share their own resources. For example, “Poke Lord” Troye Hiven said in his live broadcast that he wanted to use the money for the production of the new song MV to recruit freelance artists who have financial difficulties.Their work helps them to overcome the financial difficulties in this way.What is touching is that in this period when everyone faces difficulties together, they still choose to share all the good with music. “Online concerts” began to emerge in this period.Among the singers who initially performed live online, including British Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin, in mid-March, he was the first to be the initiator of the performance of the World Health Organization and the Global Citizens ‘Public Welfare Organization” Home Together “performance, predictedBy the end of April, raise 6 for the global fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.$ 7.5 billion in donations.Subsequently, John Legend became the performer who took over Chris Martin, and went to the next concert to pass to “broken eyebrow” Charlie Puth.As of now, musicians such as rapper, Ordinary, Hozier, OneRepublic, “Meng De” Sean Mondez and others have all participated in the program.而在另一个称为“ iHeart”客厅音乐会的线上项目,埃尔顿·约翰,玛丽亚·凯莉,后街男孩,碧梨等参与了直播演出,致敬抗疫一线工作者,同时贾斯汀 ·Bieber and others also started a series of online concerts at home.Sauna, night net editor Liu Zhen Tian Nie proofreading Liu Yue

[Leek lettuce fried leeks]_lettuce_how to make_how to make it delicious

銆 愯 幋 鑻 g 尰 地 兰 免 劍 銆 慱 銮 訓 嫞 _ 許 庝 箞 锅 歘 訞 囝 箞 鍞 钖?
鑾磋嫞鐨勯鐤椾环鍊奸珮锛屽浜庨闃插績鑴忕梾鍜岄珮琛€鍘嬬殑鏁堟灉寰堝ソ锛岃€屼笖瀵逛簬淇╃鐤剧梾鐨勬偅鑰呮潵璇翠篃寰堝ソ锛屼絾鏄鐩茬棁鎮h€呰灏戝悆锛岃幋鑻e父瑙佺殑鍚冩硶灏辨槸鐐掞紝鍜岄煭鑿滀竴璧峰懗閬撳緢濂姐€?涓€銆佽幋绗嬩笣鍎跨倰闊彍鏉愭枡鑾寸瑡涓濓紝闊彍锛岄鐩愶紝娌瑰仛娉?.The following is a detailed description of how to make up for the problem: the chain is not effective, and the effect is very high, and the result is that it is not correct.It ‘s not easy to find out what is going on, what ‘s going on, what is going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?竴鎴栦簲鍒嗕竴灏卞ソ锛夛紝涓€璧风炕鐐掔墖鍒伙紝椹笂璧烽攨銆?浜屻€佽幋鑻e叾浠栧仛娉曗€斺€旀竻鐐掕幋鑻d笣鏉愭枡鑾磋嫞涓€鏍癸紝绾㈣荆妞掍竴涓紝钂滆尭灏戣Are you scared?.What is the best way to do it? Do you want to be a child? Do you want to be a child? F 懔 熔 醴 鬴 笣 銆?.娌圭儳鐑悗锛岀垎棣欒挏鑼稿拰杈f锛岀劧鍚庢妸鑾磋嫞涓濆€掓椂閿呴噷缈荤倰2-3鍒嗛挓锛岃捣閿呭墠The play is awesome, and it’s so beautiful. It’s simple.What are you going to do? Do you want to get a good look?涔熻兘璧峰埌闃叉不琛€绠$‖鍖栫殑浣滅敤銆傛湁澶滅洸鐥囩殑浜哄簲璇ュ皯椋熴€?涓夈€佽幋鑻e叾浠栧仛娉曗€斺€旈矞鍛宠幋鑻d笣鏉愭枡涓绘枡锛氳幋绗?Fifty-five-year-old girl: What’s wrong?綾  睴 砏 綵 陞?30. What are you talking about?0 What’s wrong?Mammoth?鍏 嬶 閴 鍔 鍔 鍳 獳 2 鍏 嬶 麴 鑳 ℃  琪?What’s going on?.璏 呋 呻 鑻 e 幄  纴 咲 咲 卣 卒 囏 璏 緓 璂 璂 璂 畂 绂 2.绾㈣荆妞掑幓钂傘€佺苯锛屾礂鍑€鍒囩粏涓濓紱3.灏嗚幋鑻d笣銆佺孩杈f涓濆姞鍏ヨ櫨娌广€佽儭妞掔矇銆佺簿鐩愩€佸懗绮俱€侀唻鎷屽寑鍗冲彲銆?

[How to make color vegetable steamed buns]_Homemade methods of color vegetable steamed buns_Cooking vegetables colored steamed buns_How to make color vegetables steamed buns

[How to make color vegetable steamed buns]_Homemade methods of color vegetable steamed buns_Cooking vegetables colored steamed buns_How to make color vegetables steamed buns

Many novice daughters-in-law are very distressed in cooking, and Caishu buns are a suitable replacement for novices to learn.

It doesn’t need to be very complicated, just a simple stir-fry.

Whether this dish is served with dry rice or porridge, it will not affect the taste of the dish, a bowl of soup tastes better after a meal.

1. Prepare the materials first. 2. Find a larger bowl, scramble the eggs and sprinkle with salt and pepper. 3. Cut the buns into 1 cm cubes and mix in the egg liquid. 4. Put the buns into the pan after the oil is hot.5, fry until golden brown, crispy and serve for 6th time, color vegetable auxiliary materials are also cut into diced 7, and then start the pan with scallion white 8, put the color pepper diced and stir fry for a while, then add cucumber and diced diced and add salt and MSGSeasoning 10, when the vegetables are ready to be cooked, stir-fry the buns and stir-fry evenly out of the pan 11. The platter is decorated with scallions and sprinkle with scallions 12, which is great with pumpkin porridge!

We only pay attention to the value of health when the disease occurs. The practice of color vegetables and steamed buns is simple and can make people better keep healthy.

[How much is a zizi to eat a day?

】 _How to eat_How to eat

[How much is a zizi to eat a day?
】 _How to eat_How to eat

Raisin is a fruit that many people like to eat, and eating red ravioli is very nutritious to the human body. It can not only supplement the body with nutrients, but also help people achieve healthy health.

However, you must clean it before eating it, because the surface is not only dust and bacteria, but it may also contain some pesticides.

So the question is, how much do you eat if you eat raisins every day?

There are many sugars in the raisin. Too much sugar can easily lead to excessive polysaccharides in the mouth, which will cause oral discomfort and weight gain. It is recommended to eat a small bunch a day, preferably not more than 100g.

In addition, it is best to eat in batches, and do not eat too many raisins at one time.

The dangers of eating too many raisins: 1. The skin of diarrhea raisins is more difficult to peel, and it is usually eaten with the skin, but if it is not washed, the bacteria on the skin of the raisins is easily eaten into the belly.Nothing happens, but even eating this skin, eating too much can easily cause dialysis tract flora disorder, leading to diarrhea.

2. The compressed tooth extract is rich in rich sugars. If you eat a lot of extracts for a long time without cleaning the mouth in time, it will cause the sugar to stay in the mouth for too long, which may cause damage to the teeth and cause the appearance of teeth.

Especially for children with teeth in the developmental stage, it is not appropriate to eat more.

3. Glucose in the grapes whose blood sugar will rise rapidly. Glucose is easily absorbed by the dialysis tract. If you consume too much at one time, it will easily lead to a sharp rise in blood sugar.

Therefore, people with diabetes should not eat too much ravioli.

4. The body and trace contents of fat-producing raisins may be relative, but the sugar content of the raisins is very high, most of which are glucose that can be directly absorbed by the human body. After eating a large amount of raisins, you will take a lotThe sugar is easily accumulated in the body and converted into trace amounts, which leads to obesity.

Special attention should be paid 5 hours before bedtime, do not eat raisins, so as to avoid the accumulation of sugar in the body and gain weight.

However, eating grapes before meals can help replenish energy, increase satiety, and reduce intake of other foods, which is helpful for weight loss.

Gezhouba (600068) 2019 Interim Report comment: Q2 performance rebounded as scheduled, transformation and upgrading progressed steadily

Gezhouba (600068) 2019 Interim Report comment: Q2 performance rebounded as scheduled, transformation and upgrading progressed steadily
Core view 2019H1 revenue + 8%, net profit attributed to mother +8.8%, performance rebounded on schedule.The gross profit margin decreased slightly, and the expense ratio decreased slightly. The increase in real estate repayment helped the operating cash flow return to positive.Overseas orders continued to be strong, and new domestic signings in Q2 improved rapidly.The professional transformation of the construction business has been steadily progressing, real estate has accelerated its turnover, and cement continues to maintain a high profitability.Considering the moderate recovery of infrastructure, the company’s orders picked up as scheduled, and we maintain our EPS forecast for 2019-21.02/1.18/1.38 yuan, the corresponding PE is 5.3/4.6/3.9 times.Maintain “Buy” rating.   2019H1 revenue + 8%, net profit attributable to mother +8.8%, the performance rebounded on schedule, except for environmental water and equipment manufacturing, the average income of the remaining segments increased; Q2 revenue recorded a rapid growth in revenue.The company’s 2019H1 revenue was 49.8 billion yuan (ten years + 8%), which was attributed to its net profit of 21.20,000 yuan (ten years 成都桑拿网 +8.8%), the corresponding EPS is 0.39 yuan (previously +6.9%).In terms of business, construction / environmental water services / real estate / cement / civil explosion / highway / equipment manufacturing revenue was 286/78/43/49/18/11/6 billion US dollars, ten years +20% /-32% / + 46% / + 43% / + 23% / + 5% / -31%; of which, construction revenue orders bottomed out, environmental protection and renewable resource processing business is still in the consolidation period, real estate sales increased rapidly, and cement business volume and price rose.In a single quarter, the company’s revenue in Q2 2019 was 281.0 million yuan (ten years +11.4%), net profit attributable to mother 14.300 million (+19.4%).   The gross profit margin decreased slightly, and the expense ratio decreased slightly. The increase in real estate repayment helped the operating cash flow return to positive.The company’s 2019H1 consolidated gross profit margin is 15.5% per year -0.Three.Comprehensive cost rate 9.1%, ten years -0.2pcts, of which sales / management / R & D / financial expense ratio is 1.4% / 4.0% / 1.twenty two.5% each time +0.1 / -0.1 / -0.1 / -0.One.Net operating cash inflow 17.4 trillion (net decrease of 61 in the same period last year.200 million), due to an increase in sales receipts from major real estate sales; a net decrease in investment cash of 47.7 trillion (net decrease of 71 in the same period last year.500 million US dollars, mainly due to a decrease in investments such as PPP over the previous year; net cash inflow from financing 37.20,000 yuan (130 in the same period last year.100 million), mainly due to the decrease in new bank loans in the current period compared with the previous period.   Overseas orders continued to be strong, and new domestic signings in Q2 improved rapidly.The new starting point for 2019H1 is 1,403 megabytes, more than + 17%; of which 592 trillion are newly signed overseas, accounting for 42% of the new single-length pile, about + 55%. In the first half of the year, the company successfully entered seven new national markets, and overseas orders continued.Strong.In the first half of the year, 811 million were newly signed in China, with a year of -0.9%; Q2 signed a new domestic 66 billion yuan in a single quarter, + 135% per year.Q1 began to adjust its business structure, which caused orders to be affected. Through the deployment of market personnel, Q2’s new domestic signings improved rapidly.We expect that the new domestic signings will continue to pick up and expand overseas orders. The company is expected to successfully complete its order target of 232 billion in 2019.   Specialized transformation has been steadily progressing, real estate has accelerated its turnover, and cement continues to maintain a high profitability.The company has professionalized the transformation of construction subsidiaries, turning the traditionally divided subsidiaries into business areas into specialized companies, and the transformation and completion is expected to enhance the company’s resource integration capabilities and support the steady growth of the construction business.  The real estate business accelerated its turnover, with a new construction area of 82 in the first half of the year.70,000 square meters (previously + 61%), soil storage from the end of 2018 37.60,000 square meters is expected to be 21.30,000 square meters.Cement price per ton in the first half of the year is about 420/126 yuan, which is among the highest in the industry. Considering the stable supply and demand layout in Hubei, it is expected to continue to maintain profitability during the year.   Risk factors: the development of environmental protection business, the implementation of PPP, infrastructure investment is less than expected, and overseas business risks.   Investment suggestion: The company’s Q2 performance rebounded as scheduled, overseas orders continued to be strong, and new domestic signings improved rapidly.The professional transformation of the construction business has been steadily progressing, real estate has accelerated its turnover, and cement continues to maintain a high profitability.Considering the moderate recovery of infrastructure, the company’s orders picked up as scheduled, and we maintain our EPS forecast for 2019-21.02/1.18/1.38 yuan, the corresponding PE is 5.3/4.6/3.9 times.Maintain “Buy” rating.

Gu Jia Household (603816): The endogenous growth rate of the first quarterly report in line with market expectations attempts to bottom out and rebound

Gu Jia Household (603816): The endogenous growth rate of the first quarterly report in line with market expectations attempts to bottom out and rebound
The company released the first quarter of 2019 report: the first quarter of 2019 achieved operating income24.60,000 yuan, an increase of 32 in ten years.79%, net profit attributable to mother 2.95 ppm, an increase of 10 per year.04%, deducting non-net profit 1.96 ppm, with a ten-year average of zero.93%.In terms of cash flow, the company received cash received from selling goods and providing services in Q1 201926.7.3 billion, an increase of 53 in ten years.44%, net operating cash flow2.4.8 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 1155%, the first quarter of cash flow improved significantly, mainly due to the increase in sales scale, renewed debt increase. Opinion: From the perspective of spin-off, due to the impact of the land cycle in the first quarter of 2019, the endogenous growth rate has accelerated. We expect the company’s domestic sales growth to increase by about 6% and the export business growth by about 4%.Initially, after the recovery of real estate new home sales data and second-hand housing sales data in first- and second-tier cities, the company’s endogenous growth performance helped bottom out.In view of the company’s rapid growth in cash flow, we increase our consensus on our judgment of the company’s future revenue growth. The company’s gross profit margin in the first quarter of 2019 was 34.73%, ten years ago1.72pct, net interest rate 12.1%, more than doubled 2.97pct, sales, management, R & D, and financial expense ratios are 18 respectively.75%, 3.05%, 1.99%, 1.08%, change 2 every year.44, -0.33, 1.21-0.13pct.The increase in sales expenses was mainly related to the increase in personnel expenses, warehousing, logistics and export expenses, publicity, and increased market expected expenditures in stores.At the same time, the company increased investment in research and development and strengthened integrated management of research, production and sales. Multi-category products continue to be developed, and the company’s product matrix is constantly enriched, including sofas, soft beds, mattresses, accessories, dining chairs and other categories. At the same time, it has expanded multiple brands to cover different consumer groups.2) Outward mergers and acquisitions continue, contributing to incremental performance.3) The production capacity is continuously expanding, and the big home strategy is steadily advancing. It is estimated that the central China (Huanggang) base will produce 600,000 standard sets of software and 400 universal custom home products. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 19th.4) The sales model continues to innovate and explores multiple channel models.In 2019Q1, there were 140 net stores and a total of 6,216 stores. The structure is inclined to large stores, flagship stores, and fusion stores. It will accelerate the pace of large store openings, deepen the third- and fourth-tier markets, and strengthen cooperation with real estate developers, Suning Retail Cloud, Gome / Suning, etcCooperation. The company’s EPS for 2019-2020 is expected to be 3.11 and 3.82 yuan, corresponding to 17 for 2019-2020 PE.45 and 14.2 times, considering the company’s continuous optimization of the supply chain to reduce costs and increase efficiency, multi-category cooperation with the big store model to enhance 南宁桑拿 customer single value and brand influence, channel sinking and capacity layout parallel, outreach M & A steps continue, optimistic about the company’s future performance, Maintain the “Buy” rating risk warning: the real estate boom is lower than expected, business promotion is less than expected, etc.

State Coal Industry (600188): Expense compression contributes to profit growth, high dividends, and allocation

State Coal Industry (600188): Expense compression contributes to profit growth, high dividends, and allocation

Net profit in the first half of 2019 increased by ten years.

49% with a dividend yield of 10.

45%: The company achieved revenue of 1,059 in mid-2019.

760,000 yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.

88 %%, net profit attributable to mother 53.

61 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.

49%; gross margin is 13.

88%, down 7 percentage points previously; net profit increased by 5.

06%, a slight decrease of 0 a year.

6 averages, EPS is 1.

09 yuan.

The distribution plan is 10 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares. Please calculate the exchange rate based on the closing price at the reporting date.


  Non-coal trade contributed revenue growth, and cost compression contributed profit growth during the period: the company’s revenue growth in the middle of 2019 increased by 296.

6.7 billion (+38.

88%), mainly from the non-coal trade increase of 285.

6.3 billion (+67.

32%), but part of the business exceeded 89.83 million yuan, negative contribution to profit.

The combined coal segment is still the source of all profits, and the coal segment will achieve revenue of 379 in 2019.

4.5 billion, down slightly from 0 previously.

15%, realized operating profit of 86.

78 ‰, a 10 ‰ increase of 16 ‰ (+22.

90%), profit growth mainly comes from cost control, during the first half of the coal sector, the expense ratio was 48.

8.5 billion, down 30 a year.

5.6 billion (-38.


  The price of the coal sector increased, and the gross profit declined: the company’s coal sales in the first half of the year were 4,699 inches, a long-term decline of 3.

12%, the average sales price was 565 yuan, an increase of more than 4.

82%, the cost of 256 yuan per ton of coal, an annual increase of 5.

35%, gross profit per ton of coal is 309 yuan, exceeding the growth of 4.

At 29%, the coal sector achieved mergers to make up for the previous gross profit of 135.

64 ppm, a decrease of 9 per year.


The decline in coal sales was mainly dragged down by Heze Nenghua and Ordos Haosheng Coal Industry. The former has reduced its nuclear production and has not officially put into production, and its output fell by 30 in the first half of the year.

58% and 36.

45%, affected by insufficient capacity maximization, the cost of two tons of coal increased by 30.

65% and 83.

85%; regional and coal price trends have also diverged, Shanxi Nenghua and 82% and 4.
73%, the corresponding gross profit per ton of coal decreased by 38.

32% and 8.

The average price per ton of coal increased by 11% in the headquarters and Heze Nenghua.

19% and 18.

98% is the main driving force for the slight increase in the overall average price.

  Q2 Australian plate prices fell and profits fell, and Haosheng Coal’s output resumed: Q2’s coal business income was 127.

2 billion, down 7 from the previous month.

92%, gross profit 66.

9.3 billion, down 14 from the previous month.

36%, gross margin is 52.

62%, down 3 from the previous month.

9 units.

From the perspective of regional contributions, the headquarters and Yancoal Australia are still the main sources of profit. The Shandong headquarters contributes 42% of coal revenue and 49% of gross profit respectively, which accounted for 6 and 12 percentage points increase respectively. Yancoal Australia contributed 北京夜网 revenue.With 37% and 34% gross profit, 4 and 7 substitutions were inserted respectively.

  Affected by the breakthrough in the decline in international coal prices, Yancoal’s Australian coal sales price was 523 yuan / ton, down 19 from the previous month.

8%, gross profit per ton of coal was 252 yuan, a month-on-month decrease of 30.


Q2 Haosheng Coal Mining’s Shilawusu Mine output rebounded sharply, with a single-quarter sales volume of 748, an increase of 69 from the previous quarter.

61%, but the cost per ton of coal increased significantly by 30%.

32%, resulting in a gross profit of -53 yuan per ton of coal.

  The future growth mainly comes from the production release of the Ordos mining area: In July 2019, the company’s Yingpanyu Coal Mine (1200 tons / year) was approved by the Development and Reform Commission,杭州夜网 and the Shilawusu Mine (800 tons / year) entered a joint trial operation phase.The regional capacity is gradually released, and the unit cost will decrease accordingly, and the contribution to profit can be expected; Shandong Wanfu Coal Mine is expected to start production in 2021.

In the coal chemical industry, the company’s Rongxin Chemical Phase II project is under construction with an annual output of 40 flasks and 30 DMMn. The Yulin Nenghua Methanol Plant Phase II 50-methanol DMMn technical transformation project is expected to be put into operation within the year.

We still need to pay attention to the weakness of international coal prices in the short term, resulting in an Australian EPS of 1.

70 yuan, 1.

71 yuan and 2.

06 yuan, net asset income return 13.

6%, 12.

7%, 14.


The company’s high dividend yield improves the allocation value. We maintain the investment rating of “Overweight-A”.

  Risk reminders: coal prices fall more than expected; environmental protection supervision risks; exchange risks; coal mines fail to meet production expectations risks.

The relationship between the four beautiful women and the four delicious dishes


The relationship between the four beautiful women and the four delicious dishes


There is a kind of snack in the hometown of Xi Shi Tong Xi Shi called “Xishi Shi Tong”.

The pastry chef uses the hanging technique to first make the water-milled powder with glutinous rice flour, and then use the glutinous rice flour as the stuffing heart mixed with several kinds of fruit materials such as jujube, walnut meat, sweet-scented osmanthus, and green plum, and put it in a tongue-shaped mold.Molded, boiled or chopped.

The color of this snack is like a moon, sweet and refreshing.

銆€銆€In addition, there is also a soup made of seafood shellfish or sand scorpion, which is also given the name of “Xishi Shi Tong”. According to legend, when Tang Xuanzong traveled to Lushan, the chef gave him this soup.Tang Xuanzong screamed after eating.

It can be seen that this dish is delicious and non-concentric.

This soup, the soup is smooth, the quality is smooth, the taste is delicious, and it is called “the world’s first fresh”.


This is the unique creation of a famous chef in Shanghai.

It uses the fat and tender hen as the main ingredient, and uses wine as a seasoning. After the dish is cooked, the wine is rich and delicious, and it has the meaning of 鈥済uiling chicken鈥?

銆€銆€There is also a kind of “guild chicken” in Xi’an.

It is made of chicken, meat, diced green onion, cooking wine, mushrooms, etc. It is shaped like a full-flavoured wheat ear, and the skin is thin and tender, and it is not greasy.


Zhao Zhaojun was born in Chu, Wang Zhaojun was not used to pasta after the plug, so the chef put the noodles and oil gluten together, boiled with duck soup, which is exactly what Zhaojun meant.

Later, people used vermicelli, gluten and fat duck to become a dish, known as “Zhaojun duck”, which has been passed down to the present.

銆€銆€In the northwest region, a kind of “Zhaojun leather” named after Wang Zhaojun is also popular in the summer.

The practice is to separate the flour into starch and gluten, and make the noodles with starch, cut into thin slices of gluten, mix with food, and supplement with spicy seasoning.

It tastes sour and cool, soft and delicious.


璨傝潐 Tofu is also known as 鈥渕uddy tofu鈥?

Dong Zhuo, who is a metaphor for muddy, is muddy in the hot soup and has nowhere to hide. He is still in the cold tofu, and the result is that he can’t escape the fate of cooking.

It is like Wang Yunxian, who makes the beauty count.

This dish is white, tastes delicious and spicy, and the soup is fragrant.

銆€銆€There is also a kind of “sweet dumplings” in folk snacks.

Legend has it that Wang Yun invited people to add ginger and pepper to the ordinary dumplings.

Dong Zhuo ate this white and seductive, spicy and refreshing, mellow and pleasant dumplings, the mind swelled, sweating, and not drunk, was killed by Lu Bu.

Learn to balance flattery and praise


Learn to balance flattery and praise

Flattering is actually a virtue to work together in the office. Most people tend to pay attention to the shortcomings of others and ignore the strengths and strengths of others.

Therefore, discovering the merits of others and giving them heartfelt praise has become a rare virtue of the office.

Whether the subject is your superior, a colleague, or your subordinate or client, no one will be angry and angry because of your compliments, and will be grateful and affectionate.

銆€銆€Perfectly use the flattering method, let your superiors appreciate you, let your colleagues help you, let your work be completed smoothly, and drive a harmonious office atmosphere for everyone, without losing their dignity and self-cultivation.The success is not far from you.

銆€銆€A Jewish syntactic slang should be kept in mind: “Only those who praise others are truly worthy of praise.

“Feng Cheng Cheng is a flattering but in the office, some people’s “praise” always makes you feel sick.

They always wear a mask, regardless of the occasion and time. Everyone he meets, he said that he is too exportable. They think that the ups and downs of the boss can be easily promoted without trying to work hard.Achieved success.

銆€銆€Smart and personal people don’t think so.

Flattering others is not the whole job. It is just a way to establish a good interpersonal relationship, to make your work work smoothly, and to achieve a smooth goal.

Let the people around you be suspicious, bored, and have something to do with yourself?

And the light burying his head and doing a good job, the results will give those who have been squatting all over the world as their own.

Therefore, flattering does not necessarily require you to take a slap in the face, and successful flattery is a skill for people.

銆€銆€But don’t mistake the flattering friend as a friend.

They just use you, and once the goal is achieved, they will kick you off.

銆€銆€Please recognize the following six types of flattering: 1.

I agree with everything that my boss or my colleague has raised. I often say “I fully agree”.

Never give a different opinion or suggestion.


Always praise your boss or colleague, and praise it with a way to devalue yourself or other bosses, while having a rich expression and an exaggerated smile.


Use praise words to make you work for them, and praise them when you should not praise them, and cover your own mediocrity.


I intend to take the boss’s face in the face of a colleague and smile at the boss to make myself out of the limelight.


If the boss says a joke, even if it is a very boring laugh, they will laugh like real.


I work hard to pick and choose, but I always say that my work is the most important and most difficult.

銆€銆€Flattery should be a sincere compliment from the heart. It is a natural and kind behavior. You don’t need to rack your brains, worry about it, and don’t take care of you.


Treat each compliment as a process of learning, and use the merits of others as an example to follow, and others will be happy to help you.

At the same time, in practice, learn to express your kindness more naturally.


Don’t immediately intervene in the opinions of others, substitute yourself, show your cautiousness and meticulousness, and then give others the opportunity to further express their opinions, let them convince you, so that your substitution will bring value.


In any case, for anyone, you must use a proper method to combine flattery. You can put it in an investment in the future.

Even the leaders of other departments, or those you hate, should be recognized for their strengths, and this will bring you rewards.


Flattering is not just a good word, or a good word, greetings, negotiating, caring, and respectful tone.

If you don’t believe the other person and think that the other person is not worthy of praise, you don’t have to praise it. False praise leads you to hide into unexplained conflicts, and the other party will feel that you are ridiculing rather than flattering.
Learning tips: 1.

No matter who you are, you have to say hello.


Smile whenever and wherever you want.


The best answer is “yes” and “good.”


Occasionally, let me say some jokes.


Be respectful and flattering to your boss or predecessor.

Ten minutes of aerobics charms are just around the corner _1


Ten minutes of aerobics charms are just around the corner

Try a quick full body workout for 10 minutes.

Although it does not make you thin immediately, it will make you feel tight, and the rapid flow of peptides in your body will make you feel good.

This set of sports consists of 5 movements, repeated in cycles, so that you can exercise all over the body and have a good mood.

The overall action is done 4 times.


Stretch the two feet to divide the scale, stretch your hands up, and then slowly bend over until the palm rests on the ground.


Bow and arrow hands keep the ground on the ground, one leg stretches back, into a bow and arrow; then hand skin buttocks, so that the trunk is straight, do 5 times to press, get up the lunge action (do not change legs – use another leg and legDo the same thing 5 times).


After the push-ups, the front legs are back-scaled, and the push-up position is changed to make 5 push-ups.


After doing the push-ups on the buttocks and shoulders, relax until you almost touch the ground, push your chest forward, hold your hands with your hands, and straighten your arms for one minute.


Lift your legs, put down and now lick your butt to the ceiling, keep it straight, lift your eyes from the ground, and then put it down.

(You will feel the calf muscles vibrating) Lift this up and let go of the action 20 times.

The last hand, the feet move together.

Gently lift up to the initial position, and immediately return to the initial position of the first section, and start redoing this set of actions.