Listed companies, central enterprises divestiture real estate: refinancing and check-out order cause

Listed companies, central enterprises divestiture real estate: refinancing and “check-out order” cause
Since this year, a large number of non-real estate listed companies or centrally-owned enterprises, and part of the separate real estate business, basically include the refinancing barriers set by the China Securities Regulatory Commission for suspected real estate listed companies, and 78 non-real estate main businesses of the State Council of the State CouncilA “check-out order” issued by a central enterprise.  Simply, affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the resumption of production and production was challenged, and the GDP fell in the first quarter.8%, real estate development investment, sales and funds in place have also improved.  According to statistics from the Bureau of Statistics, from January to March this year, national real estate development investment was 2,196.3 billion, which fell by 7 in the future.7%; the area of commercial housing sold was 219.78 million square meters, a year-on-year decrease of 26.3%; the funds in place for real estate development companies were 33.5566 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 13.8%.However, the decline in the above three indicators has narrowed from January to February.  A real estate expert said to Sauna, Yewang that although the sales side, especially the store, was affected by the interference, the financing was looser than before. “We have had difficulty in financing in recent years”; someone from a real estate fund said:”Some housing companies have a relatively high demand for second-line storage and storage projects this year, but each land acquisition and acquisition project will fully consider the financing plan, and generally use a relatively feasible financing plan to go to the internal meeting.In this context, following the mention of “Room, Housing, and Housing” on July 30 last year, on April 17, this year, the Politburo meeting again focused on insisting that the house is used for living, not for speculation;On April 19th, Northeast Securities published a research report, which believed that “no housing and no speculation” means that the hard constraint to restrain the excessive growth of housing prices cannot be broken.  Divestment of real estate business for refinancing of multinational listed companies At present, real estate business has become a “stumbling block” for listed companies to refinance.  In October 2018, the China Securities Regulatory Commission launched the “Refinancing Review of Non-financial Knowledge Questions and Answers”, in which Article 8 clearly stated that the main business is real estate (including residential real estate, commercial real estate) listed companies, or the main business is not not real estateHowever, the listed companies that currently have real estate business apply for refinancing. In order to prevent the raised funds from being disguised as real estate business, the review will not be promoted yet.  Earlier, the Securities Regulatory Commission clearly stated in 2015 that according to the State Council ‘s “Notice on Resolutely Preventing the Excessive Growth of House Prices in Certain Cities” (Guo Fa[2010]Circular 10) and the 2013 “On Continued Real Estate Market ReplacementThe “Notice of Work” stipulates that real estate development companies that have idle land, speculate on land, sell houses for sale, drive up houses and other illegal activities will be suspended from listing, refinancing and major asset restructuring.  Since the beginning of this year, some listed companies have chosen to replace the real estate business first, precisely to remove obstacles to refinancing.  On March 14 this year, Jiangsu Hagong Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Hagong Intelligent 000584) submitted a feedback on the application documents for non-public issuance of stock documents in response, in which the CSRC required it to explain the specifics of the actual business development., And whether the company complies with the relevant requirements of the “Regulation Policy for the Securities Regulatory Commission to Adjust the Refinancing of Listed Companies and M & A and Reorganization Involving Real Estate Business”.  Harbin Intelligent stated that at the beginning of the reporting period, the company had nine wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries involved in the real estate business, which had been gradually transitioned or transferred since October 2018.As of March this year, the company has completed the transfer of the held Shudu Real Estate to Chengdu Juren Real Estate Co., Ltd.19.For the industrial and commercial procedures of 00% equity, the company no longer holds any equity in real estate companies and has completely completed the divestiture of real estate business.  At the same time, Hagong Intelligent promised that the company and its subsidiaries will no longer engage in actual real estate business.The data shows that the main business of Harbin Intelligent includes high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing and one-stop platform for robots. The funds raised in this non-public offering are mainly the expansion of the existing high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing business. The actual controller is Qiao HuiheEddie.  There are also pig-raising companies that have decided to abandon the real estate business in consideration of local real estate policies and the impact of actual business on subsequent capital operations.  The listed company Luo Niu Shan Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Luo Niu Shan 000735) is mainly engaged in pig breeding, and the actual controller is Xu Zili. On March 25 this year, the company disclosed the announcement of the divestiture of actual business and related party transactions.  Luo Niushan intends to increase the capital of the holder ‘s Luo Niushan Square and the Luo Niushan 118C project to the wholly-owned subsidiary Hainan Jindi Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jindi Real Estate”), and to the company ‘s controlling shareholder Luo Niushan Group Co., Ltd.The company transferred 100% equity of Jindi Real Estate, and Jindi Real Estate applied for temporary real estate development qualification to complete the subsequent development of the above project.  In addition, there are 5 pieces of land in Luo Niu Mountain that have not yet reached the legal transferable conditions and cannot be transferred at present.It stated that it would transfer the above-mentioned plots to legally transferable status through self-development or entrusted construction and other cooperative development methods, and reallocate real estate development qualifications upon completion of the transfer to complete the transfer of the listed company’s real estate business.  Luo Niushan said that due to the negative impact of the macro policy on the real estate industry and the negative expectations of the capital market for the real estate industry, the real estate business has limited space for subsequent development and has caused obstacles to the company’s subsequent capital operation.Therefore, after careful consideration of the company’s management, the company decided to transfer the relevant assets of the company’s real estate business, and cancel the real estate development qualification in time according to the transfer progress, so as to achieve the company’s business goal of focusing on the main animal husbandry industry and returning to the first echelon of the animal husbandry industry.  There are also listed companies that are substituting for real estate business in order to refinance in the future.  On April 6 this year, the listed company Zhejiang Dongri Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Zhejiang Dongri 600113) disclosed the 100% distribution of the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Wenzhou Dongri Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wenzhou Dongri”).The progress of the listed transfer.At the end of the listing period, a total of 4 intended transferees that meet the conditions for the transfer of equity were generated. Then, through the electronic bidding on-site bidding, the assigned transferee was finally determined to be Wenzhou Wisdom Real Estate Marketing Planning Co., Ltd., and the transaction price was1.05 billion.  The data shows that Zhejiang Dongri is mainly engaged in the operation of the lamp market and the agricultural products wholesale trading market, and the actual controller is Wenzhou SASAC.It said that the transfer of Wenzhou Dongri’s equity is the company’s need to further focus on the construction and operation of the agricultural products wholesale market, and it is a practicable commitment to change the actual business when the company allots shares in 2018.  Under the “Check-out Order”, the central enterprises promised to “extract” the real estate business ‘s “Check-out Order” back to 10 years ago.On March 18, 2010, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council issued the title of a press conference. Real estate companies under the adjustment stage of a central enterprise group holding or holding shares should speed up the adjustment process and exit in an orderly manner after completing the phased tasks.  According to the content of the press conference at that time, in addition to 16 central enterprises with real estate as the main industry, 78 central enterprises with no real estate as the main business carried out real estate business.There are a total of 227 households, accounting for about 60% of the total number of real estate enterprises above the third level of central enterprises, but sales revenue only accounts for 15%, and profits only account for 7%.  The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council said that these enterprises are undergoing rapid adjustment and reorganization, and they will withdraw from the real estate business after completing phased work such as the development of their own land and projects already implemented.However, to this day, some other central enterprises are doing exit work from the real estate business.  In January of this year, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council once again proposed that commercial real estate should be a prohibited business for non-real estate central enterprises.  It issued a “Notice on Matters Relevant to Central Enterprises Strengthening the Management of Participation in Shares”, stating that central enterprises must strictly control the direction of investment in their main businesses, strictly implement relevant regulations on the supervision and management of statutory asset investment, insist on focusing on main businesses, and strictly control non-main business investments.In order to circumvent the main business supervision requirements, commercial real estate and other prohibited businesses specified in the list of investment projects of central enterprises shall not be carried out by way of equity participation.  On March 22 of this year, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection disclosed the overall improvement of the State Grid Corporation of China (hereinafter referred to as the “State Grid”) for the third round of inspections of the 19th Central Committee.  State Grid stated in the report that it will stick to the main responsibility of the power grid with a higher political position, decided to withdraw from traditional manufacturing and real estate business, resolutely complete the task of deepening the reform of collective enterprises on schedule, and actively communicate with the SASAC to report the main ideas and urgeThe State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission clarified the direction of the rectification work, further improved the exit and transformation plan in accordance with the SASAC’s comments, and accelerated the rectification and reform work.  At present, the main real estate platform of State Grid is Luneng Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Luneng Group”).Luneng Group’s official website shows that the company was established in December 2002 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Grid. Its core business focuses on real estate and energy.  In a separate report on the third round of inspection and rectification of the 19th Central Committee of China, China National Aviation Corporation stated that it will focus on solving the problems existing in the disposal of historical issues of the enterprise, one of which is to clean up inefficient properties and exit the real estate business.  It stated that it would formulate and implement an internal land ownership disposal plan, actively promote property leasing and sales, and increase the revitalization of inefficient properties. Among them, Chengdu Southwest Airlines Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. has withdrawn from the real estate business through conversion.  Sauna, Ye Wang Xiao Wei Li Yunqi Editor Sun Yong proofreading Wang Xin Reporter Contact: xiaowei @

[Mushroom minced meat porridge practice]_how to_what method

棣欒弴鑲夋湯鑿滅播锛屾槸钀ュ吇浠峰€兼瘮杈冮珮鐨勪竴绉嶅吇鐢熺播锛屽钩鏃堕€傚綋鐨勫枬涓€浜涳紝鍏锋湁闄嶈鑴傜殑浣滅敤锛屽湪棰勯槻蹇冭绠$柧鐥呮柟闈㈣兘澶熷彂鎸ュ緢濂界殑鏁堟灉锛屽彟澶栬繕鏈変竴瀹氱殑鎶楄“鑰佺殑浣滅敤锛屾湁涓嶉敊鐨勮ˉ姘旇鐨勬晥鏋滐紝閫傚綋鐨勫悆涓€浜涳紝杩樿兘澶熷彂鎸ュ緢濂界殑闄嶄綆鑳嗗浐閱囩殑浣滅敤锛岄鑿囪倝鏈彍绮ョ殑鍋氭硶姣旇緝绠€鍗曪紝璋冪悊韬綋鐨勬晥鏋滀笉閿欍€傜敤鏂欎富鏂?柶 хback 50 鍏 巭 鷂?Si Si?How do you do it?0 嬏 嬮  Chisel?鏈点€傝皟鏂?Sorrowful, concubine?00鍏嬨€傞鑿囬潚鑿滆倝鏈█楗殑鍋氭硶1.囏 嗛  囷 囷 雱 掕 堍 堍 倃 倝 閮 倏 掴 懭 湶 囶 敤 敤 敤 揤 2.灏嗙背娲楀共鍑€鍊掑叆鏅€氶攨涓紝鍔犲叆娓呮按锛屽ぇ鐏儳寮€杞皬鐏紝鏈熼棿鐢ㄩ摬瀛愭悈鎷?-2娆★紝闃叉绮樺簳棣欒弴闈掕彍鑲夋湯绋€楗璭Z.jpg3.鐑у紑鍚庤浆灏忕伀锛屽姞鍏ヨ倝鏈悈鎷屽潎鍖€锛屽啀娆$儳寮€鍔犲叆棣欒弴鏈悈鎷屽潎鍖€锛屾敼灏忕伀鐓?0-15 闒 嗛 宸 幸: 姽 姞 协 幏 湚 Cang Tang 掮 呮 囧 囧 囧 〓 汻 拻 鍏 ョ 洂 璋 咩 隣 斣 尽 喬喬喬 咬 尬 尬 尬 尬 尬 咬 咬 咬 咬 咬 咬 咬 咬 咬 咬 咬 咬 咬 咬 咰The soup is hot and cold, and the hydrogen is exchanged at ℃. The hydrogen is exchanged. The product is donated. The product is donated. The product is available for use.   駀 唃 熃娌℃湁浠讳綍鑵ュ懗浜嗐€傚鏋滃彧鐓嚑鍒嗛挓锛屼笉鍋氬幓鑵ュ鐞嗙殑璇濓紝浼氭湁鐐硅倝鑵ュ懗鐨勩€傛鏂规硶鍙€傜敤浜庢斁灏戦噺鑲夋湯鐨勬椂鍊欑児楗妧宸?銆佹垜杩欓噷鐢ㄤ簡鏅€氶攨鍒朵綔锛屽叾瀹炶繕鍙互鐢ㄥ叾浠栭攨鍒朵綔锛屾瘮濡傝鐢甸キ鐓诧紝鐮傞攨绛夛紱2銆侀鏉愪笂鍙嚜鐢辨惌閰嶏紝涓嶅眬闄愪簬棣欒弴鑲夋湯闈掕彍绛夛紱3銆佷篃鍙互灏嗚倝鏈鑿囩倰涓€涓嬶紝鍐嶅€掕繘绮ラ噷鍘伙紝鏇撮锛?銆佹按鏋滃彲鑷敱閫夋嫨锛屽缓璁€夋嫨閫傚悎鑷繁浣撳埗鐨勩€傚缓璁キ鍚?涓崐灏忔椂鍚冦€傚姛鏁堜笌瀹滃繉娑堥椤烘皵锛岄€氬埄鑲犺儍銆傝鏂逛腑棣欒弴鎬у懗鐢樺钩锛屾湁椤烘皵鍖栫棸鍋ヨ儍浣滅敤銆傚ぇ鐧借彍鍏舵€у懗鍚屾牱鐢樺钩锛岃兘澶熼€氬埄鑲犺儍锛屾湁鍘荤儹闄ょ嚗銆佹秷椋熷拰鑳冧綔鐢ㄣ€備簩鑰呭悎鐢ㄨ兘澶熷緢濂藉湴璋冪悊鑲犺儍鍔熻兘锛屼娇鎮h€呬究绉樼棁鐘堕€愭笎缂撹В銆?

[Can I eat ice cream in 6 months of pregnancy_Can I eat ice cream in 6 months of pregnancy]

[Can I eat ice cream in 6 months of pregnancy_Can I eat ice cream in 6 months of pregnancy]

During pregnancy, the diet of women needs to be taken very seriously, because many foods will affect the development of the fetus and even cause miscarriage, so you must not eat more.

During pregnancy, many cold foods cannot be eaten.

For example, ice cream or ice cream is a common snack in the summer. Although it can relieve the heat and cool down, for pregnant women, pay attention to the amount when eating.

First, can I eat ice cream at 6 months of pregnancy? Ice cream is the favorite of many people. It is dual exclusive to children and is a favorite of many women. Many pregnant women have very fussy mouths during pregnancy.Health, in fact, you can eat some ice cream in 6 months of pregnancy. Some people think that eating cold and cold foods such as jelly, watermelon, and ice cream will cause premature or even small births. This expression has no scientific basis.

However, you should not eat too much, it will affect the reproductive function of pregnant women, so you must master a good amount.

Second, is there any effect on eating ice cream in the 6th month of pregnancy? Regarding women in the first trimester, eating ice cream is forbidden because it will cause contractions and adversely affect pregnant women. However, women in the second and third trimesters can eat less.Solution: Although eating ice cream has no direct effect on the cholesterol in the abdomen, excessive consumption of ice-cold food will damage the gastric mucosa, cause gastric mucosal blood vessels to contract, reduce gastric secretion, cause decreased appetite and indigestion, and seriously affect the baby’sAbsorbed, so ice cream is delicious, but not greedy.

Third, dietary considerations for six months of pregnancy 1, eat breakfast as a meal, realize the quality of breakfast and nutritional balance.

2, to enhance nutrition and energy supply, but not to make weight gain too fast.

The function of the gastrointestinal tract of pregnant mothers is reduced, gastric acid secretion is reduced, and gastrointestinal motility is weakened, so we must pay attention to avoid the stimulation of hot and cold food, and try to reduce the number of meals to avoid unhygienic dishes.

3, to the baby’s skeletal development and the upcoming retinal development, pregnant mothers should pay attention to vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus.

4, increased appetite, pregnant mothers’ food will gradually increase, sometimes fullness in the stomach.

Can I take 1?
2 yeast tablets to increase digestive function.

Can you divide 4 every day?
5 meals can not only supplement relevant nutrition, but also improve the feeling of bloating due to eating too much.

5, is the main component of the brain and nervous system.

Pregnant mothers should recover adults moderately and eat some fish and dried fruits such as walnuts and cashews, which is conducive to brain development.

6, to focus on lunch and dinner as vitamin A supplements; breakfast and meals as a calcium supplement, eat more dried fruits and dairy products.

[How to make black chicken rib soup]_rib soup_how to make_how to make

[How to make black chicken rib soup]_rib soup_how to make_how to make

Black chicken rib soup, I believe everyone knows its nutrition and deliciousness, especially black chicken, is better for female friends, can introduce the effect of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, and help prevent the problem of anemia.The delicious recipe of soup.

First, the practice of black chicken ribs soup 1, soak black chicken and ribs in cold water 3?
After 4 hours, remove the blood and wash it into the rice cooker. Add the cooked quail eggs, red dates, barley kernels, and ginger slices, and pour cold water into the ingredients.

2. Cover the lid and press the rice porridge soup button. When the pot is opened in the middle, skim the float and wait for the rice porridge soup button to jump up.

Second, nourishing liver and beauty, prolonging life.

“Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet Health Care”: “The liver holds blood, the main tendon, opening the eyes to the eye.

Liver deficiency is one of the first causes of human aging, so nourishing liver blood has an important role in reducing liver deficiency and causing aging and prolonging life.

“Three, pregnant or recovering after surgery.

Dr. Zhuang Shuqi, president of the Japan Anti-Cancer Association, strongly recommends that women who have a caesarean section should drink nourishing liver soup before giving birth. She believes that “for women who have a caesarean section, drinking nourishing liver soup can eliminate the toxicity of anesthetics, protect the liver, and reduce pain after surgery.

Fourth, prevent colds.

The 113th Session of the World Health Organization (WHO) announced: “The best soup: Chicken soup is the best, especially the hen soup has the effects of colds and bronchitis, especially in winter and winter.

[Changzhou Tofu Soup]_Effect_Effect

[Changzhou Tofu Soup]_Effect_Effect

Many people like tofu. The taste of tofu is relatively tender. Of course, there are many ways to eat tofu, in addition to common methods such as frying and braising.

Tofu is also very good for soup.

The texture of tofu soup is more delicate. Changzhou tofu soup is a well-known soup.

It also attracts many gourmets.

The taste of Changzhou Tofu Soup is very unique, of course, it has nothing to do with the production method.


Method 1: Preparation: Cut tofu, duck blood and shredded shreds.

The eggs are beaten into egg liquid.

If you buy shredded mustard or mustard strips, cut into diced.

Fill a pot with water and bring to a boil.

After opening the pot, put tofu, duck blood, and louver into the pot.

After the high heat has boiled, turn to low heat.

With salt.

Pour the beaten egg liquid into the pan.

Phonetic: Mix while inverting to prevent agglomeration.

Take an appropriate amount of starch, rinse with cold water, pour into a pot, and stir.

Wait until thick.

Turn off the heat and sprinkle with coriander and mustard.

Put another pan around and fry the bean curd cake.

Golden on both sides.

In order to prevent the bean curd cake from becoming soaked in the soup, you can add it to the bowl and add the bean curd cake to make it crunchier and more delicious.


Practice: Put a small amount of salad oil in the second pot, heat it a little, and add bean curd cake.

Fry the bean curd cake to golden brown on both sides and then bring it out of the pan.

Put water in another pot, add a small amount of salt, add louver to boil the water, remove and drain.

Cut the duck blood into large pieces and add it to the boiling water pot, add a small amount of salt, remove the fishy fish, and remove it after boiling.

Shred the louvers, cut the duck blood into strips, and chopped coriander.

Put a pot of cold water in the pot and pour in tender tofu, duck blood, jalousie, bean cake, and boil over medium heat.

Break up 1 egg, raise your arm and quickly pour into the soup to form egg flowers, then season with an appropriate amount of salt.

Finally, the raw flour is mixed with cold water, poured into a pan and stirred well, and then sprinkled with coriander powder before serving.


Other Changzhou tofu soup is characterized by having to extend the fried bean curd cake, which becomes a delicious food in the soup.Fluffy.

Inspiration Sand (000826) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Performance Exceeds Expectations, Expects New Spindle Force

Inspiration Sand (000826) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Performance Exceeds Expectations, Expects New Spindle Force

Event: Inspiration Sand (000826) released the 2018 annual report and achieved operating income of 109.

9.4 billion, an annual increase of 17.

48%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

4.4 billion, down 48 every year.

53%; net profit after deduction 6

0.5 billion, down 48 every year.

96%, intending to allocate 0 to 10 shares.

3 yuan.

Opinion: Periodic expenses and asset impairment have increased significantly, dragging down net profit.

The company’s main business involves solid waste disposal, new sanitation integration, recycling of renewable resources, water ecology, special sanitation vehicles and environmental protection equipment R & D and manufacturing.

The decrease in net profit decreased by nearly 50%, which was primarily due to the increase in period expenses and the impairment of assets accruing for receivables.

Initial gross profit margin 27.

69%, a decrease of 3 per year.

A total of 26, with a period expense 杭州夜网论坛 rate of 17.

98%, up 2 every year.

79 budgets, sales expenses, management expenses, and financial expenses increased by 66%, 49%, and 44%, respectively.

Accounts receivable at the end of the period was US $ 6 billion, an increase of 55% over the beginning of the previous period. The provision for bad debts resulted in an increase in asset impairment losses by 2 each year.

5.1 billion yuan.

Operating cash flow was still poor at -7.

4.3 billion yuan.

The scale of key businesses such as solid waste disposal, sanitation integration, and renewable resources has continued to grow.

The company’s high-level solid waste treatment business revenue increases by 130% every year.

Solid waste treatment volume 407.

43, operating 36 solid waste projects, daily treatment scale of domestic waste power generation 无锡夜网 projects3.

47, 15 domestic garbage power generations entered the operation recovery period, and the treatment scale was 1.

07 youngsters / day, the daily processing scale of the kitchen waste disposal project is 2,515 tons.

The company is one of the first enterprises in the country to implement the “two networks integration”, that is, waste classification and recycling of renewable resources.

Initially signed 132 new sanitation projects with a total contract value of 143.

7.9 billion yuan.

The project is distributed in 26 provinces across the country with a service area of 10.

2 billion square meters.

Sanitation service business revenue is growing by 88% annually.

The application of the Sanitation Cloud Platform has greatly improved the quality and efficiency of services.

In the field of sanitation vehicle R & D and manufacturing, the design of 103 new vehicle products has been gradually completed, and the R & D and trial production of heavy-duty electric driverless washing and cleaning vehicles has also completed the trial tests in designated areas.

At present, there are 19 project companies serving as the dismantling and dismantling business of the army, and the dismantling and dismantling of scrapped cars is up to 3.

20,000 units, the annual dismantling of electrical waste is about 12.31 million units.

Revenue from the regeneration business increased by 15 a year.

At 06%, building a renewable resource trading platform in an “O2O + industrial park” model will help improve the profitability of the sector. Xiong’an is in control and looks forward to the NDP’s efforts.

The company announced in March that the funds controlled by the Xiong’an Group and / or the Xiong’an New District Management Committee and Tsinghua Holdings were intended to become the largest shareholder of the company’s indirect controlling shareholder Qidi Holdings.

The company set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Xiong’an, Xiong’an Puhua, to become a water business implementation platform. The company has gained market share in the environmental protection construction of Xiong’an New District.

The company intends to change its name to Qidi Environment, and replace the chairman and general manager.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

It is expected that the EPS for 2019-2020 will be 0.

57 yuan, 0.

78 yuan, corresponding to PE is 25 times, 18 times, lowered to the level of caution recommended.

risk warning.

Funding was tight, project advancements exceeded expectations, and business expansion exceeded expectations.

Dong’e Ejiao (000423): Performance in line with expectations pending adjustment

Dong’e Ejiao (000423): Performance in line with expectations pending adjustment

2018 results are in line with expectations The company’s 2018 results announced: operating income 73.

380,000 yuan, down by 0 every year.

46%; net profit attributable to mother 20.

85 ppm, an increase of ten years.

98%, corresponding profit 3.

19 yuan.

Performance is in line with our expectations.

A cash deposit of 10 yuan (including tax) is proposed for every 10 shares.

Development trends are expected to continue to increase the revenue of Ejiao Block on a high base.

In terms of different products, in 2018, Ejiao series revenue was 63.

1.7 billion, an increase of 0.

44%, of which we expect the Ejiao block revenue to increase slightly on the high base in 2017. Thanks to the channel and terminal recognition of the company’s brand, the compound Ejiao pulp revenue is a few digits lower. Ejiao cake increased the promotion of new channels and grew rapidly.; Pharmaceutical trade income of 56.72 million, replacing 58.

39%, mainly due to the company’s contraction in the trade of Chinese medicinal materials; other income9.

4.7 billion, a slight increase of 2.

93%, Ender creatures no longer separate and merge.

Operating net cash flow performed poorly.

The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin was 66 in 2018.

03%, of which the gross margin of Ejiao series is 74.

98%, up 1.

34ppt, mainly due to the increase in the 北京夜生活网 proportion of high-margin Ejiao blocks.

The company’s selling expense ratio is 24.

20%, a decline of 0 every year.

29ppt, CCTV advertising revenue is expected to decrease.

Inventory 33.

6.7 billion, down 6.

65%, still maintaining a high level, mainly for strategic storage of donkey hides.

Operating net cash flow 10.

09 billion, down 42.

58%, mainly due to the impact of bank acceptance bills that are not yet due for collection and poor performance.

Waiting for adjustment, the brand is expected to bring its own traffic.

In 2018, the company began to actively adjust its channels, and its performance has improved in the short term.

The long-term company’s brand influence has been continuously improved through diversified marketing, and high-end nourishing consumers have been further expanded. We expect that in the future, in the “new retail” environment, the ability of brand OTC to bring traffic is expected to become stronger and stronger, ensuring the company’s distributionBargaining power.

Earnings forecast As the company still has pressure on channel inventory adjustment, we cut our 2019/2020 earnings forecast by 4.

0% / 8.

6% to 3.


23 yuan.

It is estimated and recommended that the company currently can sustain 14/14 times P / E of 2019/2020.Maintain recommended level.

However, considering that the previous Chinese medicine sector is estimated to have improved, the company is expected to enjoy the brand premium advantage. We maintain a target price of 50 yuan, corresponding to 16/16 times P / E in 2019/2020, which may be 9 compared with the current one.

1% space.

Risk increase affects sales volume; channel adjustment time exceeds expectations; new product sales are lower than expected.

US Jim (002621) 2019 Interim Report Review: Rapid Performance Growth Stores Continue to Expand

US Jim (002621) 2019 Interim Report Review: Rapid Performance Growth Stores Continue to Expand
Event: US Jim announced “2019 Semi-annual Report”: Revenue 2.7.7 billion (+ 183%), net profit attributable to mothers was 32.27 million (+ 352%).Q3 net profit is 4000?50 million yuan (+ 589?761%), Q1-3 net profit is 7500?85 million yuan (+ 460?535%). Income + 183%, net profit + 667%, profitability increased.US Jim 19H1 income 2.7.7 billion yuan (+ 183%), net profit of 58.08 million yuan (+ 667%), and net profit attributable to the mother of 34.27 million yuan (+ 352%).The significant increase in revenue and net profit was mainly due to the scope of the US-Jimmy consolidated consolidated statements.In terms of products, education consulting income2.01 million yuan (+ 1165%), plastic pipe income of 70.77 million yuan (+10.25%), high-end machine tool income of 4.69 million yuan (-73.15%).Kai Tak education income of 24.2 million yuan (+52.28%), net profit 7.24 million yuan (+215.91%). In terms of gross profit margin, the overall gross profit margin in 19H1 was 66.66% (+ 31.57pcts), of which education consultation 74.71%, 46 plastic pipes.17%, high-end machine tools 30.67%.The increase in gross profit margin was mainly due to the consolidation of the US and Jim’s consolidated financial statements, and the proportion of education business with higher gross profit margin increased. 478 stores cover 29 provinces and 19 are expected to open more than 100 in the whole year.As of 19H1, the number of national Jimmy contracting centers in mainland China was 478, covering 29 provinces across the country, an increase of more than 10%.It is expected that more than 100 new stores will be signed throughout the year.US Jim currently has more than 700 centers in 38 countries and regions around the world.In terms of store opening strategy, the company strengthened the layout speed in the eastern and southern regions. In 19H1, 17 new centers were added in East China, and 9 in South China.In terms of urban layout, it can continue to be in one place. Second-tier cities continue to encrypt stores to increase the effect of scale. Gradually accelerate the sinking of third- and fourth-tier cities and set up blank markets.In 19H1, the sales scale of first- and second-tier cities increased by 10.49%, sales volume in third and fourth tier cities increased by 24.44%. The total number of employees of the company increased from 173 at the end of 2018 to 243, an increase of more than 40%.In 19H1, US Jim opened a total of 61 trainings including fun, art, music, ASOT assistant teacher supervisor, little warrior training camp, 苏州夜网论坛 All-Star sports courses, course workshops, etc., training 2047 people, an increase of 32 over the same period last year.84%.There were 788 new teachers, an increase of 22 from the end of 2018.97%.There were 260 new certified teachers, an increase of 26 from the end of 2018.67%. Profit forecast and investment rating.Do we maintain beauty Jim 19?The 21-year return to mother’s net profit forecast is 1.93/2.21/2.710,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.33/0.37/0.46 yuan, currently corresponding to 2019-2020 P / E of 39x and 34x.Maintain “Buy” rating on US Jim. risk warning.The risks of performance commitment can be fulfilled, the risk of changes in education policies, etc.

Summer sunrise tour, are you ready?


Summer sunrise tour, are you ready?

Busy for half a year, arrange a holiday for yourself and your family!

Before everything is ready, don’t hinder checking if you are ready.

銆€銆€How to walk in the mountains and play water is not tired?

銆€銆€1. Travel in the green mountains and green waters to learn to walk.

Those who master the “walking” play easily, happily and safely; on the contrary, they are tired, nervous and even injured.

銆€銆€2, to go, do not jump three steps and do two steps or bouncing will increase the burden on the knee, easy to fatigue or injury.

銆€銆€3, to evenly do not rush to walk at the same speed, the most physical, and is conducive to maintaining a good state of mind; an array of walking style is the most tiring.

銆€銆€4, go slowly and go back in the morning to go a little faster, and return in the evening to slow down, so as not to fatigue the joints, tendon injuries.

銆€銆€5, try not to take the stone steps when going up and down the hill, and take less slope.

This is more in line with the mechanical and physiological requirements, safe and labor-saving.

銆€銆€6, hard to go soft, walking on hard ground such as cement, asphalt, slate, etc. is more labor-saving and safer than walking on soft ground such as grassland, river beach, wetland.

銆€銆€7, avoiding slipping, you can walk around the earlier snow, grass slopes, not slippery and dangerous ice, sand and slope, in order to be safe.

銆€銆€8, tourism health and protection common sense The main symptoms of heat stroke heatstroke is sweating, thirst, dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo, chest tightness, nausea, vomiting, fever, severe people will be unconscious, and even coma.

People are prone to heatstroke in high heat and high humidity and heat environment for a long time. Therefore, in summer tourism, tour guides should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and avoid tourists staying in the sun.

If someone has heatstroke, place the patient in a cool, ventilated place, lie flat, untie the collar, and relax the belt; if there are conditions to allow it to contain salty drinks, use a cold water or alcohol to dissipate heat for the person who has the necessary heat.Heatstroke prevention drug; let it rest in the rest (sleeping) after remission.

Severe heatstroke should be sent to the hospital immediately after necessary treatment.

銆€銆€Food poisoning Food poisoning is very harmful to the human body. The consequence is vomiting and diarrhea. It is characterized by acute onset, rapid onset, and short incubation period. If the treatment is not timely, there will be danger to life.

Tourists were found to be poisoned by food, so that they could drink more water to alleviate the toxicity. In severe cases, they were immediately sent to the hospital for rescue. Food poisoning was caused by unhealthy diet. The tour guides should always remind tourists not to eat the food on the stalls.

銆€銆€Fracture tourists who have fractures must be sent to the hospital for treatment in time, but at the scene, the tour guides should do a good job: First, stop bleeding.

The common method of hemostasis is hand pressure method, that is, using fingers, palms, and fists to compress the blood vessels to stop bleeding near the incision; pressure dressing method, that is, placing a thick dressing on the wound, and bandaging with a bandage; the tourniquet method, that is, elasticityThe tourniquet stops bleeding on the large blood vessels of the wound near the heart.

The second is dressing.

It is best to clean the wound before dressing. The action should be gentle when dressing, the tightness should be moderate, and the knot of the bandage should not be in the wound.

The third is the upper splint.

The splint is taken locally to fix the joint and avoid the fracture of the limb.

銆€銆€A heart attack tourist has a heart attack. Don’t rush to lift it or carry it to the hospital. Instead, let him lie flat on the ground. The head is slightly higher. The relatives or the team leader or travel companion can find the spare in the patient’s pocket.Drugs, let them take it; at the same time, the local companion immediately rushed to the nearby medical office to find a doctor to treat, the condition was slightly stable and sent to the hospital.

銆€銆€铦? bee stings if the tourist is smashed, bee stings, the tour guide should guide the stinger out, use the mouth or pipette to suck out the toxic juice, then use soapy water, when conditions permit, use 5% soda or 3% lightWash the wound with ammonia and take painkillers.

If the tour guide or tourist knows Chinese herbal medicine, it can be smashed with large xiao leaves, mint leaves, and double-sided needles.

Serious people should be sent to the hospital for rescue.

銆€銆€Head injury If the partner collides or falls and hits the head, it may not be too much to worry about, but if there is a high fever, throwing up the spit, blocking or preventing the replacement of transparent body fluid (serum, brain effusion), it is necessaryHurry to the hospital.

銆€銆€1, in addition to the lumps, the rest of the head should also be cold.

However, if there is a wound, it cannot be treated like this, so as not to encourage the bacteria to multiply.

銆€銆€2. If bleeding or clear liquid (serum, brain effusion) flows from the ear, nose or mouth, the direction of the blood or liquid changes toward the face.

Be careful not to gauze with gauze or other things to avoid bacterial infection.

銆€銆€3, when vomiting, put the head side to prevent vomiting stagnation.

銆€銆€4, when high blood pressure occurs, do not arbitrarily oppress the injured limb, hand-rolled into a tube, stuffed in the patient’s mouth, to make it quiet.

銆€銆€5, when the injured person is moved to reach the head fixed, do not shake.

銆€銆€Lead to injury, alignment with the trachea, esophagus and nerves, is an important part of the human body, should be sent to the hospital when it is hit.

銆€銆€2, in order to suppress internal bleeding, you must place a cold compress at the impact.銆€銆€3, when the phenomenon of external bleeding is found, the disinfectant gauze is placed on the wound to stop bleeding.

銆€銆€4, when lying down, put your body flat, never use a pillow.

銆€銆€5. When moving, fix the head.

銆€銆€The front end is injured, so that the injured person lies on the hard wooden board, and the pillow is placed on the waist and the waist, so that the spine maintains a natural curvature.

Do not have a sitting or sitting posture.

銆€銆€2, when moving, must also be fixed at the same time, to avoid shaking the board when carrying.

銆€銆€Skin bruises 1. There is a risk of fracture or difficulty breathing when hitting the top. Please send it to the hospital.

銆€銆€2, cold treatment.

銆€銆€3, let the patient rest quietly on the thick quilt, the pain complications of the chest facing down.

銆€銆€Travel safety common sense to see whether the travel agency’s “three certificates” are complete. When traveling, you must first choose a travel agency. In particular, pay attention to whether the travel agency’s “three certificates” (business license, business license and tax registration certificate) are complete, especially pay attention to travel agencies.The scope of business, domestic travel agencies can only operate domestic travel business, international travel agencies can operate a variety of travel business.

銆€銆€Buy a travel accident insurance to choose a tourist destination, follow the travel agency to travel, it is best to buy a travel accident insurance in advance, and now many insurance companies have introduced this insurance.

For a 10-day tour, the insurance fee is generally less than 10 yuan, and the insurance amount is generally tens of thousands of yuan.

Because the travel agencies are now insured for travel agency liability insurance, only to bear the loss of tourists’ lives and property caused by travel agencies.

If you are traveling by car, it is best to familiarize yourself with the road conditions of the relevant attractions beforehand. Check the safety equipment of the vehicle before departure and prepare a corresponding emergency plan. At the same time, there must be two experienced drivers.

銆€銆€Sign a contract, request and retain a ticket, sign a contract with the travel agent, and request and retain the relevant ticket.

Visitors should carefully read the terms of the contract. For places that are prone to controversy and wrangling, it is necessary to specify in detail, such as sitting in a certain vehicle, if it is a car, whether it is a domestic car or an imported car, an air-conditioned car or a regular car, there are severalCheng Xin, how the technical level of the driving master is waiting.

If you are taking the train, it depends on whether it is a slow train or an express train. It is a hard seat, a hard sleeper or a soft sleeper. Ask for the driving time and arrival time.

If the standard is a few stars, it is a guest house or a star-rated hotel. Don’t believe the name of 鈥渜uasi-star鈥? the standard of catering provides a few meals and a few breakfasts.

How to set the cost of a child, whether it includes a bed and attending a seat.

During the tour, if there is an expected delay, some attractions cannot be visited or transferred to other observations, and there are no substitutes or compensation measures.

銆€銆€Know the weather conditions of your destination in advance to know the weather conditions of your destination in advance.

Especially in some places in summer, heavy rain, mudslides or typhoons and other bad weather will cause traffic delays, and may also cause unplanned travel, which will cause loss of life and property.

Before going on a trip, be sure to get an idea of the recent weather of your destination and be prepared for the rainy day.

銆€銆€Don’t over-emphasize the price of travel. Don’t over-value the travel price.

If you push the price of the travel agency too low before you leave, the travel agency may reduce the vehicle, accommodation and other standards during the tour, reduce the number of places to visit, and increase the self-funded attractions to make up for it.

The prices of some domestic tourist routes are extremely low, and the citizens feel that they are cheap to participate, but after visiting the destination, the tour guides may force you to shop, or let you go shopping, or lock you into the car, turn off the air conditioner, let youI had to spend money in the end, which caused the situation of 鈥渟pending money to buy crimes鈥?

When you sign a contract, you should ask if the price includes these fees and which ones you have to pay separately.

銆€銆€Teachers and students are best friends to accompany the line of teachers, students usually go out for a decade of travel experience, it is best to go with a few people during summer vacations, once there is an accident, there is a good care.

It is necessary to pay attention to the smooth flow of communication tools. Pay attention to complaints from local tourism departments before going out, report calls, and solve problems in the brakes in time.

銆€銆€Insurance companies do not cover high-risk activities to participate in summer camps and self-driving tours or free travel (self-request, travel agencies arrange tour guides, vehicles), etc., pay attention to the purchase of insurance, familiar with the local situation, to have a very good content of tourism activitiesThe big gap is clearly grasped.

Traveling out, participating in rock climbing, rafting, hang gliding, bungee jumping and other activities should pay special attention to safety, because insurance companies do not cover these high-risk activities.

The winter solstice tonic recipes must not know


The winter solstice tonic recipes must not know

The winter solstice is around December 21 of the annual Gregorian calendar.

The winter solstice is the shortest day in the northern hemisphere and the longest day in the night.

After the winter solstice, the direct light of the sun begins to move to the northern hemisphere. The daylight in the northern hemisphere will gradually lengthen, and the night will gradually change, while the southern hemisphere will be the opposite.

The winter solstice is the most important solar terms in the 24 solar terms, and it has a great impact on people. It is a crucial period for the human body to yin and yang.

The winter season begins with the selection of the winter solstice. At this time, the tonic can exert the maximum effect, promote the germination of the human body, and the consumption is relatively reduced.

鍐嚦鏃惰妭鐨勮繘琛ラ璋卞涓嬶細銆€銆€楹绘补鎷岃彔鑿溿€€銆€[閰嶆枡] 鑿犺彍1鏂わ紝椋熺洂銆侀夯娌归€傞噺銆傘€€銆€[鍋氭硶] 鑿犺彍娲楀噣锛屽紑姘寸劘鐔燂紝鎹炲嚭鍏ョ洏锛屽姞鍏ラ€傞噺椋熺洂锛屾穻涓婇夯娌笿ust fine.

銆€銆€[鍔熸晥] 閫氳剦寮€鑳革紝涓嬫皵璋冧腑锛屾娓存鼎鐕ャ€傘€€銆€缇婅倝鐐栬悵鍗溿€€銆€[閰嶆枡] 鐧借悵鍗?00鍏嬶紝缇婅倝250鍏嬶紝濮溿€佹枡閰掋€侀鐩愰€傞噺銆傘€€銆€[鍋氭硶] 鐧借悵鍗溿€佺緤鑲夋礂鍑€鍒囧潡澶囩敤锛岄攨鍐呮斁鍏ラ€傞噺娓呮按灏嗙緤鑲夊叆閿咃紝寮€閿呭悗5銆?鍒嗛挓鎹炲嚭缇婅倝锛屾按鍊掓帀锛岄噸鏂版崲姘寸儳寮€鍚庢斁鍏ョ緤鑲夈€佸銆丆ooking wine, salt, stew until six mature, put the white radish into the pot until cooked.

銆€銆€[鍔熸晥] 鐩婃皵琛ヨ櫄锛屾俯涓殩涓嬨€侷t is more convenient for the waist and knees to be sore, sleepy and weak, kidney deficiency and impotence, and spleen and stomach deficiency.

銆€銆€鐐掑弻鑿囥€€銆€[閰嶆枡] 姘村彂棣欒弴銆侀矞铇戣弴绛夐噺锛屾鐗╂补銆侀叡娌广€佺櫧绯栥€佹按娣€绮夈€佸懗绮俱€佺洂銆侀粍閰掋€佸鏈€侀矞姹ゃ€侀夯娌归€傞噺銆傘€€銆€[Practice]Mushrooms, fresh mushrooms washed and sliced, wok and heat into the oil, after the double mushroom stir-fried, put ginger, soy sauce, sugar, rice wine and continue to stir-fry, make it into the taste, add fresh soup after roasting, put MSG, salt, water starch thicken, topped with sesame oil, put on the plate.

銆€銆€[鍔熸晥] 琛ョ泭鑲犺儍锛屽寲鐥版暎瀵掋€傘€€銆€This dish can enhance the body’s immune function and is more suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia.

銆€銆€Tianma stewed black-bone raw materials: 1 black-bone chicken (about 750g), Tianma 25g, Chuanxiong, Baiji 10g, ginger 5g, cooking wine 10g, salt and salt, small amount of parsley.

銆€銆€Practice: Black-bone chicken is placed in cold water, boiled, and blood is removed. The Chinese medicine is washed, placed in the chicken belly, and the mouth is sewed with a thread.

Put the black-bone chicken in the casserole, add ginger, cooking wine and appropriate amount of water, boil and simmer for about 1 hour with low heat, then simmer for about 20 minutes until the material is cooked and sprinkle with parsley.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Wuji Shujing promotes blood circulation, regulates endocrine and other effects, and is very selective for older women.

Gastrodia elata, Chuanxiong, sputum on neurasthenia dizziness, headache, insomnia, etc., not only help the treatment effect, not only Pinggan Xifengfeng pain, but also nourish calming and soothe the nerves, with Wuji and so on, the tonic effect is quite obvious.

銆€銆€Beef Knee tendon raw materials: Achyranthes 10g, pig’s tendon 10%, chicken 50%, ham 50g, mushroom 25g, pepper 5g, MSG 5g, Shao wine 30g, ginger 10g, onion 10g, salt 5g, clear soup amount.

銆€銆€Method: Wash the achyranthes and infiltrate it, cut into oblique tablets; place the tendons in the steaming basin, add appropriate amount of water, steam on the cage for about 4 hours, take out when the tendons are soft, then rinse with cold water for 2 hours, peel offThe outer fascia is washed; the ham is washed and cut into silk; the mushroom is cut into silk after the water is sprayed; the ginger and the onion are washed, cut into ginger pieces, and the onion segments; the swollen tendons are cut into sections.The chicken is smashed into 2cm squares.

Put the tendons and chicken into the steaming bowl, place the achyranthes on the surface of the chicken, mix the ham and mushroom with the squid and sprinkle it around; ginger, onion, and steamed in a bowl, add pepper.MSG, Shaojiu, salt, clear soup, adjust the soup taste, fill the steaming bowl, steamed for about 3 hours, after the tendon is cooked, immediately go out, pick ginger, green onion, seasoning and serve.

銆€銆€Efficacy: rheumatism, liver and kidney, strong bones and muscles.

銆€銆€Tianma steamed squid raw materials: Tianma 30g, Chuanxiong, medlar 10g, fresh squid 1 (1500g), clear soup, seasonings of the right amount.

銆€銆€Practice: remove fresh squid to scales, sputum and internal organs, wash; cut Chuanxiong, simmer into large pieces, use the second rice bran to soak; then let Tianma let people soak in Sichuan, simmer and other rice bran water soak 4-6Hours, remove the Tianma rice, steamed, cut into pieces for use.

Place the Tianma tablets in the head of the fish and the belly of the fish, place in the pan, then put the onions, ginger, add appropriate water, steam on the cage for about 30 minutes, steam, then pick the onions and ginger; add starch, clear soup,White sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, sesame oil boiled, thickened, poured on the gastrodia.

銆€銆€Efficacy: blood pressure to dehumidification, hurricane strong kidney.

Have high blood pressure patients.

銆€銆€Yam fillet raw materials: fish meat tablets 400-600g, yam 20-30g, green radish 200g, green onion, ginger, pepper, salt, MSG, the right amount.

銆€銆€Practice: yam peeled and washed into fine; fish fillet in the bowl and add appropriate amount of starch, salt, 1-2 eggs, mix and marinate for about 20 minutes, put into hot oil and fry;Leave the top oil, add the onion, ginger, stir fry, add some water, boil, add the yam, fry the fish fillet, green radish, salt, simmer for about 20 minutes, addPepper and MSG are seasoned.

銆€銆€Efficacy: preventive decline in function.

銆€銆€Kochia squid steamed fish raw material: 500 grams of marine fish.
10 grams of Kochia scoparia, 2 oranges, kelp, salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, water starch, the right amount.

銆€銆€Practice: After washing the sea fish, slash a few knives and apply some salt with a fine salt; add the appropriate amount of water to the skin for 30 minutes, filter the liquid with gauze, add water for 20 minutes, and filter the medicine.Liquid, then pour the two filtered liquids together into the pot, add kelp, salt, soy sauce, orange peel and then use water starch to thicken, cook until the soup is thick; the marinated fish is steamedIn the bowl, add onions, thick soup, ginger and steamed Serve.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Enhance sexual function and prevent premature aging.

銆€銆€Lotus root porcine spinal cord soup ingredients: 500g of spinal pig bone, lotus root 250g, onion section, ginger, cooking wine, salt and salt.
銆€銆€Practice: Wash the lotus root and cut into thick slices; wash the pig’s spinal cord, remove it into boiling water, remove it, and drain the water.
Add the pig’s spinal cord and bracts to the casserole, add appropriate amount of water, add the onion, ginger and cooking wine, boil over low heat, then simmer for about 150 minutes until cooked, remove the onion, add the salt to the ginger.Season it.

銆€銆€Efficacy: nourishing yin and filling the marrow.

It is suitable for the auxiliary diet of low back pain caused by old lumbar muscle strain, weak waist and knees, and limb weakness.

銆€銆€Ingredients for beef red jujube soup: beef 250g, red dates 20g, refined salt, cooking wine, ginger, MSG, the right amount.

銆€銆€Practice: Wash the beef and cut into small pieces; wash the red dates.

Add the beef block and red jujube to the casserole, add some water, put the wine, ginger, stew until the beef is cooked, add the salt and MSG to taste.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Buzhong Yiqi.

銆€銆€Lotus root octopus soup ingredients: lotus root, octopus 250g each, salt 2g, sesame oil seasoning.

銆€銆€Practice: Wash the lotus root slices, octopus processing, wash, cut small pieces.

Put the lotus root slices into the casserole, add the appropriate amount of water, boil until the fire is broken, then add the octopus pieces, add the salt after cooking, and pour the sesame oil.

銆€銆€Efficacy: There is blood heat, lowering liver fire.

It has a certain therapeutic effect on hypertension.

銆€銆€Silver ear broccoli chicken soup ingredients: Tremella 40g, chicken 1, Luo Han Guo 4, South apricot, carrot 200g, ginger 2, salt amount.

銆€銆€Measures: Wash the white fungus and soak it in clean water; remove the chicken, remove the internal organs, rinse with water after drowning; peel the carrot and cut into thick pieces.

Add the appropriate amount of water to the soup, add chicken, mangosteen, apricot, white fungus, carrots and ginger. After opening, change to slow fire for about 3 hours, add seasoning to taste.

銆€銆€Efficacy: enhance physical fitness and prolong life.

銆€銆€Corn must be stewed with raw materials: 50g of corn, 200g of clam meat, cooking wine, salt, onion, ginger, and pepper.

銆€銆€Practice: Wash the corn, scallions, ginger, and smashed the meat.

Put the corn mustard, clam meat, onion, ginger, pepper, cooking wine, salt into the pot. After the fire is boiled, use a small fire to cook until the meat is cooked. Pick the jade, the onion, the ginger, and adjust the taste.Serve.
銆€銆€Efficacy: blood pressure solidification, enhance physical fitness.

銆€銆€Longfeng soup ingredients: 150g of snake meat, chicken chop meat, 100g of winter bamboo shoots, 20g of ham.

Chicken soup 1000g, ginger, cooking wine sesame oil, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, the right amount.

銆€銆€Practice: Wash the snake meat, simmer into a pot, put it into the pot, pour some chicken soup, add ginger, stir it up and cook it, and tear it into filaments; chicken breast, winter bamboo shoots, ham washed, cut separatelyMade into filaments.

Put the pot on the fire, pour the remaining chicken soup, boil the snake meat, chicken, winter bamboo shoots, tune the wine, salt, MSG, mix well, sprinkle with ham, boil, add fragrant oil, add a small amount of pepper鍗冲彲銆傘€€銆€Efficacy: qi and blood circulation, phlegm and wind, and strong bones.

It can be used for rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain caused by weak bones and muscles in the elderly, and auxiliary diet for waist and knee pain.