Number one champion finally joined forces, but it is not difficult to save the Timberwolves

Number one champion finally joined forces, but it is not difficult to save the Timberwolves
Russell starts at “0”.Picture / Social Media Among the players of the new era, Downs, Russell, Booker, Ben Simmons are recognized as the best fraternity of relationships.In the past few seasons, they have been playing as the star of their respective teams, and now the deal of switching the Warriors and Timberwolves has been reached. Russell and Wiggins have exchanged their owners. Downs and Russell have successfully teamed up.However, the success of this brother basketball is still unknown.At least from the perspective of Downs and Russell’s performance this season, it is indeed very difficult to lead the Timberwolves towards the road of recovery.In the 2015 draft, Towns and Russell were selected as the top picks and top spot respectively. In the Timberwolves, the Lakers started their respective careers.Downs has a smooth career start, best rookie, All-Star, best goal of the season, big contract comes naturally; Russell has experienced the ups and downs of the Lakers period, but in the past two seasons, he proved himself selected in the Nets.All-Star.This season is their fifth NBA season. They should have led the team to make contributions, but they all encountered difficulties.The Timberwolves were firmly in the top eight in the West for the first time this season. The team saw hopes of advancing to the playoffs again. However, starting in December, the Timberwolves suffered an 11-game losing streak and recently suffered a 13-game losing streak.Warriors at the bottom of the west.As the team’s leading star, since November 28, 2019, Towns has not won for more than two consecutive months. Too much pursuit of personal offensive data, defensive end does not work, and the ability to lead the team is difficult to convince. The outside worldThe criticism continues.With the performance of leading the Nets into the playoffs last season, Russell’s ability has been re-recognized. After joining the Warriors this summer, everyone expects him to help the Warriors revive again with the “Water Brothers”, but it is reduced to injuries., And many other factors, Russell has never been able to lead the warriors alone.To improve their breakthroughs through blockbuster trading, the original intention of this transaction is not wrong, but what chemical reaction can be produced between Downs and Russell, and whether the Timberwolves ‘record and ranking can be quickly improved, it still needs time to pass.test.Proofreading Chen Diyan

Global suspension, musicians holding online concerts become a new way to save themselves

Global suspension, musicians holding online concerts become a new way to save themselves
In the “Cancellation and Postponement” list of music performances that are continuously updated every day on the US bulletin board, most of the list from January to February shows still relevant news in Asia.Today, after looking at it for 3 months, many of the stars that are familiar to you, the band ‘s name appears one after another on the “Performance Cancellation” list. The global music performance market, the economic losses caused by the new crown epidemic are currently unpredictable, and local governments have also introducedCorresponding policies and measures are prepared to support many people who are unemployed due to the epidemic.Fortunately, no matter where the music is, it has the function of energy to soothe people’s emotions. At present, musicians who are in isolation at home are turning to online. In the charity projects of antiques of different organizations, live performances are needed.Help people raise money.At the “iHeart” Charity Living Room Concert, which was updated on March 30th, Beijing time, Elton John hosted the event. Mariah Carey, Bi Li, Ka Mei, Meng De and many other singers participated in this online concert.Cancellation: 3 cancellations in mid-March. Cancellation of 60 performances. Global music performances will be cancelled on a large scale starting from early March, March 4th, and originally scheduled for the 22nd Super Music Festival in Miami Antiques on March 20-22Ultra Music Festival) officially announced that it will be postponed, which is the first music festival in the United States to be cancelled due to new coronary pneumonia.Two days later, the American Southern Music Festival (SX?SW) also announced the cancellation of performances, which is the first “absence” in 34 years of this large-scale technology, arts and music event with an average of over 400,000 people gathered.Immediately afterwards, the original Coachella Music Festival notice was postponed on the weekends of October 9th and 16th.At this time, the global music performance market has started an unprecedented “stop performance” chain reaction like dominoes.This includes the tour plans of the major celebrities and singers: On March 13, Beijing time, Avril posted on the social platform that she would cancel the “Head Over Water” European tour, and in early March, she had canceled the original April and May.Asian tour plan.Live Nation and AEG Entertainment Group, the largest concert company and venue operator in North America, also announced that they will suspend all large-scale tours until April. The affected singers include “Bi Li” Billie Ellis, Poz Malone,Chris Stapleton, etc., because March is usually the off-season of the show, the company will re-evaluate the estimate in early April, hoping that the show from May to June will resume.Among the star singers, there are also many performances that are adjusted due to physical embarrassment. For example, Celine Dion has a cold. Although the new coronary pneumonia reagent test is negative, but for the sake of public relations, she also announced the “Courage World Tour” world tour, 14 performances in North America will be postponed from March 24th to April 27th, and those who have purchased tickets can keep the original tickets.In addition to the United States, Europe and other music performances are also synchronized to click on the “Pause button”. Madonna originally scheduled to cancel the “Mrs. X Tour” concert at the Grand Rex Theater in Paris on the 10th and 11th of this month.In terms of music festivals, Glastonbury Music Festival, a veteran outdoor music festival that has been held for 50 years, has also been cancelled. This year is the 50th anniversary of the festival. The performance is almost “luxury”-Paul· McCartney, “Mould” Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, and Lana Dray, “Sister Pa” Dua Lipa, etc. The festival officially announced that tickets can be extendedTo be used next year, but also accept the audience to replace.The impact of performances in Asia was even earlier. As early as February, the Japanese boy idol group Arashi announced that it would cancel its concert in Beijing Bird’s Nest Antiques in April 2020.The BTS also canceled many performances of the antiques scheduled for April in the same month.Sauna and Yeewang found from the continuously updated list of performance cancellations on the US bulletin board that the period from March 10th to 13th was the peak period of “cancellation delay”, and only 60 performances were cancelled and extended during this period, Almost every hour, a performance event is cancelled, and the currently canceled music performance is still being updated.As early as February, the Japanese men’s idol group Arashi announced the cancellation of the concert in Beijing’s Bird’s Nest in April.Loss: Employment opportunities will fall by 69% compared to last year. Therefore, according to data from The Musicians’ Union, British musicians have lost approximately £ 14 million in revenue due to the cancellation of the tour and the extension of the concert due to the new crown pneumonia.The organization was responsible for 35,000 members of the survey, more than 4,000 people responded that their work interference reached 90%, and employment opportunities fell by 69% compared with last year.To support its members, the London-based Musicians Union launched a £ 1 million “New Coronary Pneumonia Difficulties Fund” on March 23 local time, which provided donations to musicians with financial difficulties.The downturn in the live music business can also be reflected in the stock market. As of noon on March 18, Live Nation’s decline was as high as 33%, which has been 33 from the previous day’s closing price.92 dollars fell to 21.With a low of $ 70, this is the first time that Live Nation has been below $ 22 since June 2016.The stock market does not necessarily reflect the value and potential of a company, but in the protracted struggle against the epidemic throughout North America and Europe, gradual changes may affect a company ‘s ability to raise capital or make stock purchases, and it will take years to returnThe previous high.For music practitioners, there is also the “embarrassment” of performance cancellation insurance.It is understood that some of the more influential artists will buy tour cancellation insurance, but this kind of policy is expensive, and the insurance claim rate is about 3% -4%. For example, a one million dollar policy may pay $ 30,000, but althoughAfter purchasing this type of insurance, artists and brokerage companies faced great losses due to the cancellation of performances. At present, almost all insurance companies have clearly stated that they are “not obligated to make related payments.”It is understood that after the occurrence of SARS and the super virus MERS, some insurance companies directly excluded serious epidemics from the scope of claims on their insurance policies, while some companies did not expressly indicate that the latest new coronary pneumonia was not included in the scope of claims.According to this situation, most singers and performance companies have chosen to postpone the performance, because at least the replacement and hope to be able to retain some of the costs previously spent through marketing programs such as “re-sale later”, and canceling the performance means direct debt.Response: Use online concerts to start fundraising to support Troye Hiven, Nair Holland, OneRepublic lead singer Ryan Ted and other singers have started online live concerts.On March 20 local time, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced an economic assistance plan. If someone cannot work due to an outbreak, the government will pay 80% of the salary, up to £ 2500 per month.According to data from UK Music, these measures only apply to hiring employees, not freelancers or self-employed people, and only account for about 72% of the UK music industry, so compensation can become some of the most urgentsound.The US Congress is currently considering a multi-billion dollar emergency assistance plan to mitigate the impact of new coronary pneumonia on the entire economy. The US Academy of Recording is urging members of Congress to consider music performers in the rescue plan.Recording Academy Chairman and Interim CEO Harvey Mason Jr. addressed these practices in detail in a letter sent to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Democracy: “I urge Congress to protect our country ‘s musicians, performers, songwriters and recordingsRoom expert.Mason Jr. explained that these professionals are usually freelancers and independent funerals. They do not have paid vacations or health care benefits, nor are they eligible for unemployment benefits.On March 23 local time, the German Music Rights Management Organization (GEMA) also launched an emergency assistance plan of 40 million euros to help its members respond to economic difficulties during the anti-epidemic period.In addition to macro-financial assistance, musicians show more “mutual assistance”, and many influential singers are providing assistance within their ability to artists in financial difficulties through various means.For example, American singers Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, singer Chiara and her husband Russell Wilson, BTS member SUGA and fans all donated money and anti-epidemic materials in different forms., More musicians have chosen to share their own resources. For example, “Poke Lord” Troye Hiven said in his live broadcast that he wanted to use the money for the production of the new song MV to recruit freelance artists who have financial difficulties.Their work helps them to overcome the financial difficulties in this way.What is touching is that in this period when everyone faces difficulties together, they still choose to share all the good with music. “Online concerts” began to emerge in this period.Among the singers who initially performed live online, including British Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin, in mid-March, he was the first to be the initiator of the performance of the World Health Organization and the Global Citizens ‘Public Welfare Organization” Home Together “performance, predictedBy the end of April, raise 6 for the global fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.$ 7.5 billion in donations.Subsequently, John Legend became the performer who took over Chris Martin, and went to the next concert to pass to “broken eyebrow” Charlie Puth.As of now, musicians such as rapper, Ordinary, Hozier, OneRepublic, “Meng De” Sean Mondez and others have all participated in the program.而在另一个称为“ iHeart”客厅音乐会的线上项目,埃尔顿·约翰,玛丽亚·凯莉,后街男孩,碧梨等参与了直播演出,致敬抗疫一线工作者,同时贾斯汀 ·Bieber and others also started a series of online concerts at home.Sauna, night net editor Liu Zhen Tian Nie proofreading Liu Yue

Xu Congjian, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference: make up for complications of infectious diseases

Xu Congjian, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference: make up for complications of infectious diseases
Sauna Night News (Reporter Chen Weicheng) On the evening of May 26, Sauna Night held a video cloud forum on “Internet Medicine of the Two Sessions of the 2020 Economic Policy”. Xu Congjian, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University, said that we should make upFor the prevention of infectious diseases, the tighter the prevention and control system is, the smaller the range will be if it recurs in the future, so as not to cause epidemics.Xu Congjian said that for the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, the mission of his hospital is to keep the virus out of the hospital.Therefore, the basic principle is to strictly guard against death. During the epidemic, the three obstetrics and gynecology specialty hospitals in Shanghai did not issue local diagnosis.He believes that there are two key issues in epidemic prevention and control. The first is strict prevention, not just hospitals. For the country, all ports must be strictly guarded, which is still very worthy of recognition.Second, compared with the SARS classification 17 years ago, the country has made great progress. It quickly detected the genetic sequence of the virus, adopted vaccine research, and found prevention and control measures.”At present, the domestic epidemic prevention and control has reached a new stage, we can have time and have a greater calmness to think about some breakthroughs and problems in all aspects of our infectious disease prevention and control system.Therefore, during the two sessions, the discussion was also very intense, and everyone made some suggestions from various angles.”Xu Congjian said.Sauna, Ye Wang Chen Weicheng Editor Li Weijia Proofreading Zhang Yanjun

Marvel drama Falcon and the Winter Soldier turned on, the set picture was exposed

Marvel drama “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” turned on, the set picture was exposed
Sauna Night News November 1, Marvel drama “Falcon and Winter Soldier” announced the start.The show’s creator Malcolm Spellman published an article revealing that “On the first day of the set, Marvel prohibits the distribution of set pictures, but today is a big day for many people, including me.”Picture map.The picture comes from the story of “Avengers 4” in the episode of the network, and became the story of Captain America’s “Falcon” Sam and “Winter Soldier” Bucky, who started a new life.Directed by screenwriters such as Derek Kolstad (“Quick Hunt”), actors Anthony McKay and Sebastian Stan return, “Captain America 3” “Zamo” Daniel Bruch and “Agent 13″”Emily Wankamp will also debut.The show has a total of 6 episodes and will be launched on Disney +, the Disney streaming platform, by August 2020.It is reported that the production cost of the episode is up to 25 million US dollars.In addition, the new dramas controlled by Marvel Films also include “Wanda Vision”, “Rocky” and “Eagle Eye”.Xu Meilin, the editor of Sauna Night, proofreads Wei Zhuo

North Korean women’s football team withdraws from the Olympic preliminary match

North Korean women’s football team withdraws from the Olympic preliminary match
The Korean Football Association announced today that the Korean women ‘s football team will withdraw from the Asian qualifiers for the Tokyo Olympics in February next year.In this way, if the Chinese women’s football team advances to the knockout, the only potential opponents are South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, and the difficulty of qualifying for the Olympic preliminary round.Chinese women’s football team will go to Australia to practice.Data Map / Osports, Maryland, North Korean women’s football team with South Korea, Vietnam and Myanmar in Group A, the team’s game was held in South Korea.The South Korean Football Association official said that the North Korean Football Association submitted an application to withdraw from the women ‘s Olympic preliminary match. The AFC approved on the 24th, but the North Korean side did not specify the reason for abandonment.As a result, there are only three teams in South Korea, Vietnam and Myanmar in Group A.In terms of comparative strength, South Korea is most promising to qualify first in Group A, and this is definitely a great benefit for the Chinese women’s football team in Group B.The Chinese women’s football team is in Group B with Victoria, Thailand and Chinese Taipei.According to the competition system, the first and second places of the two teams cross over for the knockout.If the Chinese women’s football team won the first place in Group B, it is hopeful to avoid the South Korean team.However, it is not easy for the Chinese women’s football team to get the first place in the group by getting scores from Americans in the same group.In order to adapt to Australia’s opponent in advance, the Chinese women’s football team resumed training in Australia’s Gold Coast until the end of the Spring Festival, during which they held 3 warm-up matches with local clubs.The Olympic preliminary group stage will be held from February 3 to 9 next year, and the knockout will be held from March 6 to 11.The Chinese women’s football team has now assembled in Wuhan to start the final stage of preparations.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Zhang Yanjun

Returning to the women’s volleyball league after 47 months, Zhu Ting fought against the old club in two games

Returning to the women’s volleyball league after 47 months, Zhu Ting fought against the old club in two games
Zhu Ting played in the women’s volleyball league again.Beijing News News Tonight, the Chinese women’s volleyball super league in the new season started the second round of the first stage of the competition, Tianjin women’s volleyball team defeated Henan women’s volleyball team 3-0, and achieved a new season starter.Zhu Ting returned to the women’s volleyball league, facing the old team Henan team “sentiment”, only got 5 points.This is Zhu Ting’s appearance in the Chinese women’s volleyball league after 47 months. Her new club is the domestic women’s volleyball team Tianjin.In the game against the old women’s Henan Women’s Volleyball Team tonight, the Tianjin team’s starting ladder is: main attack Zhu Ting, Li Yingying; secondary attack Wang Yuanyuan, Li Yanan; take over Hucker; second pass Yao Di and free man Meng Zixuan.In the face of the less powerful Henan Women’s Volleyball Team, the Tianjin team did not give their opponents too many opportunities to win the game 25-17, 25-18, 25-19.Zhu Ting played only the first two games and scored 5 points.At the Air Force ‘s new season expedition ceremony, Zhu Ting said, “Tianjin Women ‘s Volleyball Team is the champion of the championship and hopes to play its advantages in the new season and lead the team to play better results.”

[Can pregnant women eat sunflower seeds?

】 _Pregnant woman_Can you do it?

[Can pregnant women eat sunflower seeds?
】 _Pregnant woman_Can you do it?

Most people like melon seeds when chasing dramas or chatting with friends. Melon seeds can always be boring. In fact, eating proper seeds is good for people ‘s health, and pregnant women are special.People, whether in diet or in life, need to be especially careful. Normal people smashing sunflower seeds does not affect people’s health. Can pregnant women smash sunflower seeds?

Can pregnant women eat sunflower seeds?

Gourd seeds are a good thing for most people, and Gourd seeds are also very good for pregnant women.

Because the melon seeds have the effect of enhancing the digestive function of the human body, the flavor of the melon seeds stimulates the taste of the mouth, causing it to present an excited state, which is transmitted to the digestive organs, and the secretion of saliva and gastric juice of various digestive enzymes is correspondingly strong, which can be beneficial to digestion.
Before eating, promote appetite; after eating, promote digestion of food.

Especially after eating greasy food, a handful of seeds is good.

Sunflower seeds are good after meals, because sunflower seeds need to be supplemented, protein, zinc and other trace elements and multivitamins can enhance digestive function.

Sunflower seeds can activate the entire digestive system.

Therefore, pregnant women smash the melon seeds before or after meals, and the digestive juice is continuously secreted, which is very beneficial for digestion and absorption.

Therefore, melon seeds before meals can promote appetite, and melon seeds after meals can help digestion.

If several seeds are mixed, the effect is better.

But sunflower seeds contain a lot of content, and fat friends try to eat less.

Precautions for pregnant women eating sunflower seeds 1.

If you eat too much sunflower seeds, the burden on the body will be greatly strengthened. It is easy to increase the burden on the liver to form tiny livers, and the seeds will appear.


In daily life, a lot of pregnant women love to eat sunflower seeds, even if they don’t leave their mouths all day. They think that eating more nuts is good for babies. However, they do n’t know that eating more sunflower seeds will increase blood sugar and is not good for health.

Because seeds contain a certain amount of sugar, pregnant women with high blood sugar should try to eat less. If you eat 500 grams of seeds per day, it will definitely affect blood sugar, which is not conducive to blood sugar control.


The large amount of oil metabolized in the seeds is enough to increase your volume, and increase the blood lipids. Some blood lipids can be converted into glucose through gluconeogenesis and raise blood sugar.


We all know that long-term squash seed shells will take away a lot of saliva from people. Excessive saliva loss will cause dental caries, oral ulcers, gingivitis, indigestion and other diseases, but also cause dull taste and loss of appetite.

Saliva helps to remove food residues in the mouth, reduces the chance of bacterial reproduction and fermentation, and can protect the oral mucosa. Once oral ulcers occur in diabetics, it is difficult to heal. Therefore, when eating sunflower seeds, it is best to peel the shells by handRemember not to eat too much at once.

[How to put a river crab will not die _ How to put a crab will not die]

寰堝鎬ф牸璞埥鐨勪汉寰€寰€鍦ㄤ拱涓滆タ鐨勬椂鍊欓兘浼氫竴娆℃€т拱寰堝锛屼拱娌宠煿鏃朵篃姝f槸濡傛銆備笉杩囨渤锜瑰拰鍒殑椋熺墿涓嶅悓锛屽畠鏄竴娆℃€ф槸鍚冧笉浜嗙殑锛岃€屼笖杩樻槸闈炲父涓嶆槗鍌ㄥ瓨锛岃繖灏辨湁鐐硅浜轰负闅句簡銆傞偅涔堟渤锜规€庝箞鏀句笉浼氭鍛紵杩欎釜闂寰堢畝鍗曪紝瑙e喅娌宠煿鎬庢牱瀛樻斁涓嶄細姝荤殑闂锛屽彧闇€瑕佸仛鍒颁互涓嬪嚑鐐广€傝瀮锜规€庝箞淇濆瓨鎵嶆柊椴滐細瀹ゆ俯娼箍瀛樻斁娉?銆 佹 斁 鐩 掙 擙 掴 泫 泦 瀛 晰 倷 氭 椭 攽 鍽 揶 橶 攜 甜 楢 琢 燢 懡 锷 緢 緮 篍 点点 ゆ ゆ5?25 Lumincehong Darenhaobian Jiwei eng Chi Hay ュ  Wanyihonglu Juerenhaowa ぇ Juangebouu ㄨ Duoyuegaiyun Feidongzaiying Qi Shou Sui Gudaoluju Toso Benshenchangyi忓畾鏃剁粰瀹冧滑鍠锋磼涓€浜涙按锛屼繚璇佸畠浠幆澧冪殑婀垮害锛岃繖绉嶅彲浠ヤ繚瀛樺瓨娲?~5澶┿€?How much is it? How many people are there? What are you doing? How are you going to pant?How many problems are there? What are you doing? What are you doing now? What are you talking about? What are you doing? What are you talking about? How many fans do you want to follow? Do you want to follow up? 13cm鍘氾級锛屼繚璇佷簡澶ч椄锜圭殑婀垮害锛屽啀鎶曟斁涓€浜涘皬楸笺€佹偿槌呫€佹椿铏剧瓑浣滀负鍏堕鐗╋紝鑳藉吇5~10澶╋紝闅忔椂閮借兘鎶撲笂鏉ュ悆銆倀ips锛氬娓╂椿鍏荤殑澶ч椄锜瑰崈涓囦笉鑳芥彁鍓嶅埛What is the best way to get the best of you? A chain of songs and a chain of songs is very difficult. What is the best way to get rid of it?銆 丸  揂 欐 《/ 鐩 嗗 姞 姘 存 春 鍏 囲 嗳 囶 囦 围 trickling?0-50 意  湎 湼 湉 戉 湞 妡 妗?What’s the matter?鐩嗗唴澹佸厜婊戜笉鏄撻€冭窇銆傛妸澶ч椄锜规斁鍏ュ叾涓紝涓嶈灞傚彔;鐒跺悗鍔犳按鑷冲ぇ闂歌煿韬I ‘m so happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m going to go to the village掓伅鑰屾銆傛《/鐩嗕笉瑕佸姞鐩栵紝姣忓ぉ妫€鏌ュぇ闂歌煿锛屾妸娲诲姏涓嶈冻澶ч椄锜瑰強鏃跺悆鎺夛紝閲囩敤杩欑鏂规硶淇濆瓨澶ч椄锜癸紝姘旀俯涓嶉珮鐨勬椂鍊欏ぇ闂歌煿淇濆瓨鍙秴杩?澶┿€傛敞鎰忥細涓嶇鍝鏂瑰紡锛屽缓璁渶濂借兘鎶婅瀮锜圭殑鑴氭崋璧锋潵,杩欐牱鑳藉噺灏戣瀮锜圭殑浣撳姏娑堣€楋紝铻冭煿涔熸病閭d箞瀹规槗鎶婅嚜宸辩疮姝汇€傝繕鏈夛紝濡傛灉澶ч椄锜瑰お鐦︽垨鎯冲偍Rarely?鈙 戙 漁 椁 椤 ぇ 閂 歌 煿 锽 簺 鑺 擋擋 鎴 栨 墨 墦 庰 庑 楑 楦 渲 骞 跞 姺 嶜 嶜 疍 喰 疰?鍙互鍌偉銆傛俯棣ㄦ彁绀猴細铻冭煿娲诲吇涓嶇瓑浜庢场鍦ㄦ按閲屽ぇ闂歌煿娲诲吇闇€瑕佹按鍒嗭紝浣嗕笉鑳芥场鍦ㄦ按涓€傚ぇ闂歌煿鍦ㄥ閲屾椿鍏婚渶瑕佷竴瀹氱殑姘村垎淇濊瘉鐜鐨勬箍搴﹀拰闄嶄綆娓╁害”Don’t miss it, go shopping in the mustard field”, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, and click on the button.棿闀夸簡鍙嶈€屼細绐掓伅鑰屼骸鐨勩€?

[Encyclopedia of Rana frog oil]_How to eat_How to eat

[Encyclopedia of Rana frog oil]_How to eat_How to eat

Speaking of Rana frog oil, I think most people in life will not be strangers, especially those who are aware of health care will regard Rana frog oil as a treasure.

The trace vitamins and hormones in Rana oil are important in that they can be placed under high temperature conditions.

So what are the ways to eat Rana frog oil?

What should be paid attention to when eating Rana frog oil?

How to take Rana esculenta oil After taking the Rana esculenta oil, it can be eaten raw without cooking.

This has the advantage that the hormones, vitamins and other ingredients contained in Rana frog oil are not destroyed by high temperature, which can better preserve the nutritional value of Rana frog oil.

Cooked method: The foamed Rana temporaria oil is cooked and edible.

Put the foamed Rana tempura oil in a bowl and steam it in a steamer for 30 minutes, or cook it in slow heat water for 15-20 minutes.

Can you add red dates or 20 while cooking?
30 grams of honey in addition to fishy smell.

Can be taken after cooking.

Can be taken before meals or when breakfast is reasonable.

The practice of wood frog oil Papaya stewed wood frog materials: 50 grams of wood frog cream, 200 grams of papaya, ginger and rock sugar.

Practices: 1. Soak the frog cream in warm water for 3 hours to eliminate impurities.

2. Put Rana frog cream into the pot, cook it with boiling water for 5 minutes, and drain the water.

3. Papaya is washed, peeled, pitted, cut into pieces, and ground into ginger.

4. Boil water, add ginger, Rana esculenta, and cook on low heat for 1 hour.

5, add papaya and cook for another 15 minutes, then boil and melt.

Rock sugar Tremella frog soup ingredients: 15 grams of wood frog, 15 grams of white fungus, 15 grams of rock sugar.

Practice: 1. Tremella is soaked in clean water to remove the yellow pedicles and torn into small flowers; rock sugar is broken into crumbs, and the wood frog is drenched with warm water to remove fascia and sunspots.

2. Put the wood frog and Tremella in a stew pot, add 5oo ml of water, and boil it on high heat, and cook for 35 minutes with the simmering heat and add rock sugar to serve.

When to eat Rana esculenta oil, it is best to avoid eating Rana esculenta oil in the morning. Avoid eating in the morning.

Eating Rana esculenta oil for breakfast is likely to cause weight gain. Rana escargot oil contains a lot of nutrients such as protein and calcium. However, the human body is in a state of accumulation on an empty stomach and cannot absorb the nutrients contained in Rana esculenta oil.Cause the phenomenon of accumulation of aunt.

And in the morning, there is nothing to digest in the stomach. Eating wood frog oil on an empty stomach will accelerate gastrointestinal movement, promote blood circulation, and easily lead to diarrhea, which is good for the human body.

Eat 1 hour after dinner. Eat moderate amount of Rana oil after dinner. At this time, the stomach is partially filled. It does not belong to the fasting state. The nutrition of Rana oil can be effectively absorbed.

The best frog oil in autumn is the best edible oil in autumn, because the frog quickly goes into hibernation during this time. At this time, the frog has the strongest vitality, and the energy stored in the frog’s body has the highest nutritional value and nourishing.The effect is the strongest.

People who cannot eat Rana esculenta oil 1, Rana esculenta oil is a high-protein food, while nephritis is only suitable for low-protein, low-sugar, and low-salt foods. It can cause serious illness after consumption with patients with nephritis.

2. Diabetics cannot eat Rana frog oil.

Because diabetics cannot use glucose normally, and the energy contained in Rana esculenta oil is quite high, diabetics can increase blood sugar and worsen their condition.

3. Rana frog oil is relatively greasy and difficult to digest after eating, so people with weak digestion and weak spleen and stomach cannot eat.

4, children and children can not eat, Rana oil can enhance sexual function, children eat them will make them precocious.

5, people with endocrine disorders can not eat, this group of people may cause menstrual disorders after eating, you need to eat with caution.

[Mushroom minced meat porridge practice]_how to_what method

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